Fettering Shadows by Amy Shannon

May 31, 2019


Fettering Shadows is this month's "Featured Book" on my website at http://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/stories


The Kindle Edition of Fettering Shadows is always $3.99 on Amazon.com. There is also a paperback version, for those who still love to hold and read a good book. 


About Fettering Shadows:
Private Investigator Jake Dalton, a former Texas Ranger, has settled down in a small town in Oklahoma, set in his ways, and creating a new life for himself. Even when his former partner asks for help on some unsolved serial murder cases, he is still focused on what is rather than what was. 

Then she walks into his agency and life, and turns it upside down. Dr. Agatha "Aggie" Constantine hires Jake to find her stalker, a stalker who she believes is also the serial killer only known by the name Icarus. 

Jake finds himself drawn to Aggie, while also wondering who he can and can't trust, and pulling in all of his resources and contacts for help. The case that continues to haunt Jake may have just brought more than he bargained for, right to his doorstep, especially when torsos resembling his old case are starting to surface.


     "Uh, Mr. Dalton."
     "Jake. Please, call me Jake," he smiled. "I'm sorry it's so dark in here. Half the bulbs blew out and I only put in the ones I felt were necessary to get me through my day today." 
     "It's all right. I actually prefer it."
     "Ma'am, uh, Doc, are you being followed?" 
     She hugged herself tightly, "more like stalked," she sighed. "It's been this way for years."
     "How can I help?"
     Her eyes glanced around the office again, this time focusing on his map of Austin. His path of the Icarus. "I think I may be able to help you," she continued to focus on the map.
     "I don't understand," he looked toward her line of sight. "You know somethin' about Icarus?"
     "Oh, that's what you call him. Icarus?" she looked toward Jake as she stood up. 
     "It's just a nickname the Rangers gave him. Uh, the cops, not the baseball team."
     "I figured that," she lightly smiled. "I was hoping that's what you meant. Uh, I'm sorry to come here."
     "How did you even know to come here, and what could you help me with?"
     "I know who you are, or who you were. I came here for the same reason you did. I'm not your stalker or anything, but I've been trying to get away from mine for years. I think that my stalker is your Icarus."


Fettering Shadows was the second book where it focused on a male main character. 



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