Yes, I am very organized when it comes to reviews, and I do have rules, policies, and even long emails, with attached spreadsheets. This organization allows me to read and review for the majority of the requests that I receive. Organization and fairness is also why I have several "shelves." each BOOKSHELF is my to-be-read list. The VIP and Primary Bookshelves are ever-growing, and I do my best to provide the reviews in a timely manner. 


  • STANDARD VIP SHELF: REPEAT AUTHORS, authors represented by a REPEAT REPRESENTATIVE,  authors with a SPECIAL CODE, or from a showcase on my Author Blog.  (Order of posting may vary). Authors with multiple titles may have the titles in different positions, so I can be fair in posting reviews.  Authors new to the site can fill out a Stand-by form, but elect to have their title moved here for a a $20 donation plus the cost to cover the purchase of their Title. 

  • PRIORITY VIP BOOKSHELF: Author's titles will be added to the standard shelf, but can a donation of $25 plus the cost of their book can move their title to the "PRIORITY" VIP Shelf. (Donations can be made on the Welcome or Home Page using PayPal or transferred to me using my email address) The Priority Shelf (date dependent) is for a Title where the review that cannot be posted until a specific date (created so it doesn't delay other titles on the Priority VIP Shelf.

BLOG TOURS: Amy's Bookshelf Reviews doesn't participate in blog tours. However, the OFFICIAL Blog of Author Amy Shannon does. In some cases, a review is also
offered and will run to coincide with the date of the  blog tour on the other blog. 

PRIMARY BOOKSHELF: the list of books that have been from a first-time request from the author or author representative.  In order of request.  The PRIMARY BOOKSHELF has FOUR SHELVES (Top, Second, Third, Fourth). Accepting new requests for this shelf.

​QUICK RESPONSE CALENDAR: At the bottom of the page, shows the "quick response" or Release Date Requests for those who wish to have a review posted on release day. Authors can also elect to have an Express Release if their release date is at least 14 days or even 7 days away from the release date. (40 dollar and 50 dollar donations required respectively, see request page for more details. 

Stand-by Shelf: Not currently active. Goes active when the fourth shelf on the PRIMARY BOOKSHELF is full.


List items marked with #V refer to it being a verified purchase. Authors can purchase the title of the book by sending a gift card for at least the amount of the book prior to review using the email address .

Books can be gifted, but according to Amazon, it's NOT considered a verified purchase.


Amazon  Policy!

Verified purchases don't have a limit of how many reviews can be posted per week, but unverified purchases do, and this impacts how many reviews I can post per week. Unverified purchase reviews do NOT get deleted by Amazon, but reviews written incorrectly or those that are reported as abuse may. According to Amazon, reviews are only discussed with the reviewers. Unfortunately, if amazon flags a review, it gets removed and cannot be re-added. I always keep up with the policies of the sites where I post my reviews.

The only other thing that stipulates when I post my reviews is how fast or slow I read a story and move on to the next.

UPDATE (11/19) I will no longer post reviews on a Sunday UNLESS it is a scheduled release date.

I will also no longer post reviews on Easter, Thanksgiving EVE, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas EVE, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years day, UNLESS it is a scheduled release date. 



I don't accept payment for reviews. My reviews are unbiased. I accept donations or gifts but not for exchange of a specific type of review.




​Priority Shelf

  1. ZooEscape

  2. *



Priority Shelf (date dependent)

  1. *

  2. *



  1. Wes Markin's RISE OF THE RAYS - March 3

  2. *

Standard Shelf

  1. ​Learning with TRUCKS

  2. Gratitude Journal – For Body, Mind & Spirit

  3. I spy with my little eye... Transportation & Vehicles ABC #V

  4. I spy with my little eye... SHAPES: Children's book for learning shapes #V

  5. I spy with my little eye... A to Z: Children's book for learning ABC's   #V

  6. I spy with my little eye... ANIMALS ABC: Children's book for learning Animals     #V

  7. I spy with my little eye... Fruit & Vegetables A to Z #V

  8. The Spell of an irresistible woman #V

  9. The Method: A Self Help Guide #V

  10. An Unlikely Christmas

  11. Matters of the Heart

  12. Poems I

  13. Poems Book 2- Poetry on Life, Fate, Gratitude and Acceptance

  14. A PRAGMATIC Method to face repeated failures

  15. Rescue I

  16. Rescue Book 2: Giselle

  17. Tiene

  18. How to identify my greatest passion in life

  19. Poems Book Three 

  20. Poems Book Four

  21. Poetry on Inspiring Women

  22. The Silhouette in the Picture

  23. Just a little Bit

  24. Best Friends......Forever?

  25. Landry In Like

  26. The Wise Bear Collection

  27. Poseidon's Trident

  28. TILLY, TOM and LEROY ...#V

  29. Maxwell and Annie ..#V


  31. Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman#V

  32. The Prince's Oath

  33. Jezebel's Lament

  34. ​Sounds in the House! Sonidos en la casa: A Mystery (in English & Spanish) 

  35. Polar Bear Bowler: A Story Without Words

  36. Butterfly Blink: A Book Without Words

  37. Bright Star, Night Star: An Astronomy Story

  38. Crumbs on the Stairs - Migas en las escaleras: A Mystery in English & Spanish 

  39. Anna's Prayer: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl

  40. She Doesn't Want the Worms - Ella no quiere los gusanos: A Mystery 

  41. Bad Bananas: A Story Cookbook for Kids

  42. To Swallow the Earth: A Western Thriller

  43. Ma MacDonald Flees the Farm: It's Not a Pretty Picture ... Book

  44. The Battle Between Love and Hate

  45. Eternal Souls

  46. The Field

  47. That Night

  48.  Shundra Henderson, Thorns and Roses #V

  49. Heart of a Warrior Angel

  50. The Great Escape

  51. The Realm of Lost Souls    

  52. The Realm of Realism

  53. Hoodoo Voodoo And Other Strange Stories Of Life

  54. Kissing & Other Scandalous Pastimes 

  55. Death on the Danube

  56. A Song For Bill Robinson

  57. Fatal Decision

  58. Last Orders

  59. The Donation Man

  60. Break In

  61. Goldy's Baby socks

  62. Los Calecentines bebe de Goldy

  63. I love you, Be Careful

  64. Blood of the Covenant

  65. And Then There Were Three (rel 3/9/20)

  66. The Surgeon's Curse

  67.  Be With Me

  68. Don't Ask Don't Tell

  69. Vinny the Vegetarian Vulture

  70. Bobby The allotment Robin

  71. Find Your Weigh: Walk In Freedom Bible Study Guide

  72. Find Your Weigh (audiobook) #V

  73. Shattered Lives #V

  74. The Silence of Kings: Book II: Years Forgotten

  75. The Silence of Kings Book III- Part One:

  76. Tales of the Siblings Not-So-Grim


  78. *


  1. An Unexpected Evil
  2. Searching for Unique

  3. The Age of Reckoning: Volume 1

  4. Agents Adam and Eve

  5. The Seers, Secrets of the Phantom Beast #V

  6. Murder at Macbeth

  7. Mira's Griffin #V

  8. Keita's Wings (omnibus)

  9. The Spectra Unfurled

  10. Timothy Mean and the Time Machine #V

  11. Love is the Punch Line

  12. True Mercy

  13. Orphic #V

  14. This is the  Future and this is now #V

  15. Silence echoed: poetries that heal

  16. Angel of Mercy

  17. Eve of Ascension

  18. Notna

  19. Fish Farm #V

  20. Shedding the Wife: a spiritual journey through divorce #V

  21. Battle to Save The Soul Of The Universe

  22. The Origin of Phenomena #V

  23. To Trump The Universe's Aspirations

  24. Annihilation's Resounding Anthem

  25. Findagroov™ Reviews The Songs Of… George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic



  1. Entanglement: Quantum + Otherwise

  2. The Sinister Urge #V

  3. Shadows

  4. A Footnote for Tomorrow #V

  5. Toy #V

  6. From Fatal to Fierce #V

  7. The Abduction Chronicles

  8. The Gifts of Life

  9. Stonebearer's Betrayal #V

  10. The Black and White House

  11. The Cost of Leveling Up

  12. Unstable Orbit

  13. Chasing Mortality

  14. Past this Point

  15. The First I Do #V

  16. The Hangman's Owl #V

  17. BULB

  18. The Ignorance of Bliss: An American Kid in Saigon

  19. Religion Delusion

  20. *

  21. *

  22. *

  23. *

  24. *

  25. *


  1. *



  1. *





  1. *






Also contains express Release dates






The Angel's Trumpet √


Find Your Weigh 


The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society √


Money Galore

The Leak



More Than Evil


The Four: Destruction of Honor


The Green Boy


Bottomless Cups 



Thousand Faces of Demon



Rocket’s Red Glare






A Surgeon's Knot




Ivy is a Weed
























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