• Amy Shannon

American Monster (Series) (2016 - Present)

Narrators: Tom Streithorst, Robert Firth

Streaming Site: Discovery +

Network: Investigative Discovery (ID)

5 Reels

Interesting way to tell a story.

American Monster is a crime drama with the unique way of telling the story. They start out with family videos, and other dramatizations, and at first, the viewer is trying to figure out which family member turns into the "monster" and who is going to be the victim. The story is told well, and even the family and friends that talk about their loved ones or the "monster" talk about persons in the past tense, so you just aren't quite sure who it is, until they are ready to let you in on their secret. I really enjoyed watching this show. It has an interesting story telling ability, and the signs aren't always obvious, and then you wonder how someone didn't know, or maybe they did. Fathers, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, grandparents, cousins, victims or perpetrator. I watched all of the shows within the series, and am looking forward to a new season.


5 Reels definitely from Amy's Reel Reviews.


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Genre: True Crime

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5784958/

About the Show:

The most terrifying criminals often hide in plain sight, looking as ordinary as a friendly next-door neighbor. Those regular Joes are the focus of "American Monster," precisely because lurking within them are psychopathic killers. Similar to Investigation Discovery's "See No Evil," the hourlong series uses personal movie footage of the monsters-in-disguise at home with family and friends, giving viewers a sense of how their lives are seemingly normal. Interweaved are the stories of their astonishing crimes and interviews with neighbors and loved ones.

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