Amy Shannon

Aspire to Inspire.
Author. Document Editor. Owner of a new Literary Magazine, Literate-Ly. Literary Blogger. Book Reviewer. True Crime Screen Reviewer. Podcast Co-host. Literary Professional Promoter. Educator.
Bachelor's of Arts: English 
Masters of Arts: Adult Education
Master in Business Administration
Certified Accountant

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About Essence Enterprises.
Essence Enterprises was created to separate personal and business finances. As a self-employed, disabled person, I recently created the Essence Enterprises as one business with all my other services under that as subsidiaries. Nothing will change, except if you make a donation or payment, instead of being Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, it will say Essence Enterprises. I decided to separate my personal accounts from a business account. Invoicing for Genesis Literary Promotions, and The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon will remain the same. However, invoicing for Amy's Bookshelf Reviews (Video Reviews) and The Official Blog of Amy Shannon for editing, formatting, and other services, will be done now via Essence Enterprises. 
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Essence Literary Consultant Amy Shannon
Not an attorney. Not a Publicist. 

Over 20 years experience in self publishing, writing, book reviews, literary promotions, and the publishing process. 

The mission to help authors be aware of their brand, social media, and aid the author through the publishing and hiring process.

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Categories in Magazine

Indie Author Spotlight 

New Releases (To add books, $10 per title)


ABSR Reviews (reviews of books from Amy's Bookshelf Reviews in the past 2 months)


Other pending categories: Illustrator spotlight (for illustrators, graphic cover designers, and graphic novelists). Email me if you're interested in sharing your work. (No compensation, except for byline, and showcasing your work.)


Coming September 2022

Literate-Ly Magazine is a bi-monthly literary magazine. 

The purpose of Literate-Ly Magazine is to recognize authors and their work, expose new reads for readers, allow authors and literary professionals share their work and experience, and to educate authors of all levels and experience.

The mission of Literate-Ly Magazine is to educate, entertain, and promote authors and other literary professionals.

It is run under Essence Enterprises.

Sponsored Blog Advertising


Social Media Promotion

Social Media Review for authors

Editing Services (Content, copy editing, editorial feedback)

Literary Product reviews

Social Media Management

Marketing and Business Plan Services

Formatting Services

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It is run under Essence Enterprises. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is a not-for-profit business, as Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews does NOT charge for reviews. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is a professional review website, which accepts review requests from any author, and accepts most genres (with a few minor exceptions if the book promotes hatred of any kind). There are policies and procedures to follow.  In operation since 2014. ​

The mission of Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is to help promote authors and allow them to share their stories using my reviews. #ReviewsMatter and they are very important for authors. Reviews can be the baseline for promoting and selling an author's work. 

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Services Offered


  • Fiction Book Reviews (Free)

  • Nonfiction Book Reviews (Free)

  • Poetry/Prose Reviews (Free)

  • Video Reviews ($35)

  • Business Bulletin Board ($50 for 3)

  • Amy’s Resource List (Free)

  • Author’s Newsletters ($10)

  • Release Date Reviews (Free)

  • Donations accepted, not required

  • Author honors

  • Participation in Blog Tours (Reviews Only) (Free)

About Essence Publishing

 It is run under Essence Enterprises. Essence Publishing was created by Amy Shannon for the purpose of self-publishing her own work. Essence publishing is also the name on the copyright for her images on all of her websites, including her book covers.

 Essence publishing also “runs” Amy Shannon’s online bookstore, where all of her books are available for sale in digital format.

 Established in August 2021.

Publisher of Literate-Ly Magazine (Coming in tentatively in September 2022)

My graphic portfolio is HERE

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First book published: May 2005


Books Written:


Fiction Novels: 95

Poems: 241

Poetry Books: 3

Workbooks: 1

Short Stories: 24

Plays: 2

Final Book: (My Final Chapter: A Legacy of words)


Books under other pen names:

Alex Tempera: 11

Royal Henry Bleu: 7


The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon was established in June 2019. We are now called the "Literary Dynamic Duo."


Our Mission:  


The Literary Dynamic Duo wants to educate and help promote authors of all levels of experience

Be Our Guest

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Our mission statement is the same, we specialize in promoting debut and experienced literary professionals. Genesis Literary Promotions promote literary professionals, including authors, publicists, freelance writers, publishers (especially Indie publishers), agents, editors and the like. Now, we are also welcome new clients that songwriters, indie movie producers, artists (painters, sculpturers, cover designers, graphic designers etc...) Genesis uses social media platforms, blog tours, and email campaigns to promote the client. Each client gets their own dates for promotion, and no dates overlap with other authors. We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram for social media promotions, and for sharing blog promotion posts. We allow the client to customize their own plan, based on our price points, or we will customize a plan for the client, with three options to choose from. We work within the client's budget. 

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Blog Tours and Promotions

  • Social Media

  • Blog Tours

  • Reviews

  • Video Reviews


Build your own promotion, or have Genesis do it for you. It's simple. Tell us what you want, and choose from the options on the promotions page.

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Amy's Reel Reviews is now Amy's True Crime Reel Reviews, with the exception of "Write to Reel" on the podcast, The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon/


The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon's "Write-To-Reel" (where books and related movies are reviewed). 

Review Categories


Large Screen and Small Screen 

  • HBO

  • Showtime

  • Netflix

  • Hulu

  • Peacock

  • Disney

  • Paramount +

  • YouTube

  • ID Go 

  • Discovery +

  • The History Channel


  • Movies based on Books

  • Crime movies created based on True Crimes

  • True Crime books that created a show/movie

Small Screen:

  • True Crime

  • Documentaries

  • Biographies

  • Shows based on Books (Write To Reel)

  • True Crime books that created a show/movie

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It is run under Essence Enterprises. Amy is the sole owner and operator of (ABSR) Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.


One of her missions is to read and review as many banned, burned and challenged books, as well as the authors who request a review.


The purpose of this blog is to educate and share books, and the magnificent words of the authors who wrote them. I will be sharing the reviews of the banned books that are on the banned books list. (I've added it to this website as well.


​I will also write blog articles to educate people on banned books, and the history of it. Unfortunately, it is becoming a trend, a trend that should not tearing books down, but promoting them. I am not getting paid for promoting banned, burned or challenged books. However, you can donate so that I can continue to buy banned books.

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Twitter: @ABSR_amyreviews #ABSRBannedBooks



Instagram: @amysbookshelfreviews #ABSRBannedBooks

Amy Shannon, Ordained Minister
Certificate of Ordination.jpg

Ordained Minister,
Wedding Officiant


"As long as I always have my voice and my soul, I will speak and tell stories"


 Amy Shannon: The person.

I have many pieces of myself. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Granddaughter. Friend. Writer. Book Reviewer. Podcast-cohost. Even book promoter. This is not about that. This is me, as a person, who suffers daily, and over the years have gotten worse, but wanting to share, maybe in a way to help others. It's in me to help. I share my horrid story, and how I suffer. I found this to be a great outlet. If you suffer, too, I am here for you.

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I created this site to educate survivors who may still be in an abusive relation. It is also to educate and show that there are many different types of abuse. Also, it is not gender specific, both women and males can be victims or survivors.


I see a victim of domestic violence who has died. I see a survivor of domestic violence because they are still alive.


If you know someone who has died due to the hands of domestic violence, let me know their name, send me their photo and I'll add it to the memoriam page.


I will also be glad to post someone's story, and of course, keep the author anonymous. I have figured out that sometimes, writing it down, when you can't say it out loud can help.


​This website is also so you know that you're not alone. I am a survivor, and it has been 16 years. I found that writing, and forming my emotions into artwork, has helped, but I continue to progressively gain more issues due to my brain injury and my PTSD, depression and anxiety.

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