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(Updated 07/2022)

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is a not-for-profit business, as Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews does NOT charge for reviews. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is very organized when it comes to reviews. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews has rules and specific policies. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews communicates with emails, which may or may not have attached spreadsheets or documents that are individualized for the author or representative.

This process allows Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews to read and review for the majority of the requests that are received (Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews accept about 96.5% of reviews requested). Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is transparent with AMY’S LIBRARY OF BOOKSHELVES. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews tried to get the titles read, reviewed, and posted in a timely manner. However, it is only one person reviewing the work.  Works accepted are books, articles, graphic novels, children's books, magazine articles, Literary magazine reviews, online stories.  Donations can be made if the author wishes. Information about donations and how they work, can be downloaded from the PDF file.

POSTING DAYS are Monday through Friday. (Holiday exclusions apply) (Easter, Thanksgiving eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day are non-posting Holidays) UNLESS it is a scheduled release date.  Most reviews are posted in the morning, whenever possible, but sometimes they may get posted later in the day, depending on my day's schedule. (Though I may not post on these dates, I will be at least reading a bit and writing reviews). 

The costs listed are for the placement of the review and done via donation buttons on this website.


If a book is only on audiobook, or a review is reposted on an audiobook, in order for a review to be posted, the audiobook (at least on needs to be purchased. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews may not always have the funds to purchase audiobooks. So, if an author wants the book reviewed on audio (and it must be listened to, even if the print book was read), the author must provide a redemption code, or the audiobook is listed as "free" or a donation of the purchase price is required.


Reviews that have a scheduled release date, and Express Release Reviews. Reviews for The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon, and Blog Tour Review Dates. (Release Date Review Calendar page)​


All titles from the same author will be listed in order. (Even if the author sends more title while a title is still on one of the shelves). However, once the first title has been reviewed, the other title(s) will be moved to the end of the VIP Legacy Author bookshelf (Unless a donation is made to move it to a higher bookshelf, or to the top of the bookshelf after the first author’s last title, for a $30 donation)

​Each book title has the author’s last name in parenthesis to show if they have multiple titles. When an author has a title on the bookshelf and adds another title, it goes right under the author’s last title. When one is reviewed, the other go to the end of the bookshelf, moving on to the next author’s title. ​​(The exception to this multiple title rule is the new "Consecutive Review" process.) The other exception is the other VIP-BOOKSHELVES, where titles are listed as they are received. Each title has its own 21-25 posting day window. 


Books that are out of print, and do not have a current published other format will not be reviewed, unless its status changes. If your title is on my list, and then gone because it is out of print, when it is released again, let me know. I do keep the information about the book and the author. This does NOT affect books that may only be sold on an author's or publisher's website or bookstore.


VERIFIED PURCHASES: Bookshelf items marked with #V refer to it being a verified purchase. ​​​Books can no longer be "gifted." Books do NOT have to be verified purchases to have a review. Verified purchases do not have a limit of how many reviews can be posted per week, but unverified purchases do, and this impacts how many reviews can be posted per week.

UNVERIFIED PURCHASE reviews do NOT get deleted by Amazon, but reviews written incorrectly or those that are reported as abuse may. According to Amazon, reviews are only discussed with the reviewers, and sometimes Amazon allows the reviewer to repost the review. 

ABSR PREFERRED PACKAGES (One fee, lifetime package): (Purchase here)

Details of the packages are listed HERE


​A review is posted, it takes about 60 minutes for the entire process to be complete for one review. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews does NOT accept payment for reviews. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews reviews are unbiased and honest. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews accepts donations or gift cards but not for exchange of a specific type of review. Donations are NOT considered payment for providing a review and Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews DOES NOT allow the amount of the donation (if there is one) to influence the star rating in any way.

​​Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is a proud supporter of the Indie Author Community.

Total Posted Reviews (From 2014 to Current Date)
Year-to-Date (2022)




Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is 3 posting days from the date after I receive the required information ($100 donation required) These book titles are also posted in order, even if the author has multiple titles.

  1. *

  2. *






Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is 7 posting days from the date after I receive the required information ($75 donation required) These book titles are also posted in order, even if the author has multiple titles.

  1. *

  2. *






Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is 14 posting days from the date after I receive the required information. ($60 donation required)

Lifetime Preferred “Expanded” Author (free one-day promotion the day after review posted)

  • Douglas M Brown

  • Bill Greene

Lifetime Preferred Author

  • Crystal Mary Lindsey

  • Jan Notzon

  • Bill Greene

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Purchase your Preferred Packages here.

After purchase is complete, send a follow up email to 

only if your email or name is different than your pen name that you used on PayPal. 

Either way, you will get a reply and request for the title's information.



Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is within 21- 25 posting days from the date after I receive the required information. ($40 donation required)

Lifetime Legacy Friends:

  • Book Sirens Author Reviews

  • Celadon Books

  • Henry Roi

  • The Experiment Publishing

  • Farrow Communications

Lifetime Priority Authors:

  • Gary Edward Gedall

  •  Isobel Blackthorn

  •  Doug Lamplugh

  1. Helltown: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer on Cape Cod (C. Sherman) /True Crime/

  2. Mrs. Banker (M. Crisci) /Based on Real Life/

  3. Anti-Time Management: Reclaim Your Time and Revolutionize Your Results with the Power of Time Tipping (R. Norton) /nonfiction/self-help/

  4. Passport to Success: Experience Next Level Living (J. Stovall, G. Reid) /fiction/ self discovery/

  5. Murder in Myrtle Bay (Ruth Finlay Mysteries Book 1) (I. Blackthorn) /Cosy mystery/ #V




This bookshelf is meant for the authors who have been on The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon or will be, so their book is reviewed prior to or will be reviewed after the guest's appearance. This will also list authors who will be on our show, even if their book was already reviewed. The date of the show is listed next to the information. (If the author as a release review after the show's appearance, all release reviews are on the Quick Response Calendar).

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Want to have a guest appearance on our podcast? Use the link to sign up.

Be our Guest

  1. GranRan 9/8/22 @6:30 PM

  2. A.D. Trosper 9/9/2022  @ 7:00 PM

  3. Judy K. Snider 9/16/2022 @6:30 PM

  4. Chris Karlsen & Jennifer Conner 9/23/2022   @6:30 PM

  5. Albert John Asaro 10/7/2022 @ 6:30 PM

  6. Susan Feltman 10/7/2022 @ 7:00 PM

  7. Eliot Parker 10/14/2022 @ 7:00 PM



Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has some available tokens, but would also accept donations for the purchase of tokens. The first three episodes are free, and then each episode must be unlocked to read, depending on the size, for a specific amount of tokens. The tokens are based on the number of episodes and the length of the episode

Donation for Vella's Only

  • 200 tokens for     $1.99

  • 525 tokens for     $4.99 

  • 1100 tokens for   $9.99

  • 1700 tokens for $14.99

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“Legacy” bookshelf is for “Legacy Authors” (or authors that are sent by a repeat representative, representing a “Legacy Author.” (Once an author has requested their second title to be reviewed, they automatically become a Legacy Author). (If the book is also to be reviewed in audiobook form, that is a separate review. Once the print review has been done, the audiobook review will be moved to the "reposted reviews" bookshelf.). The genres are now listed by each book title in between / /

For Consecutive Reviews:

up to 3 books reviewed at the same time, $30 per every three books, and the reviews will be posted consecutively. 

To rise to the top (second or third position) $30 donation per author. (all titles move together, but don't necessarily get reviewed and posted together

  1. Journeys - Out of Body Ventures That Proves God Exists (M. Mullen) #V

  2. ​The 1105 Murders (B. O'Hare) /Mystery/Murder/Thriller/

  3. ​​Poetry on Inspiring Women (D. Pais) /poetry/

  4. The Silhouette in the Picture (D. Pais) /Drama/

  5. Just a little Bit (D. Pais) /short stories/ 

  6. Brain Warp (G. Snider) /Medical Thriller/

  7. ​Solstice Shadows (A. Centrae) /Espionage Thriller/

  8. Perfection is Failure (W. Mayo) /innovative thinking/

  9. The Devil's Trident (G. Norris) #V /Action and Adventure/

  10. ​Runaway Train (L. Goldberg) /Suspense/Thriller/

  11. The Wild Court (E. Radcliff) /YA, Fantasy/

  12. ​Cutie Caterpillar  (S. Baker) /Children/

  13. Duke and Dawn  (S. Baker) /Children/

  14. Elephant and Earthworm  (S. Baker) /Children/

  15. Furry Fox  (S. Baker) /Children/

  16. Giraffe's Gift  (S. Baker) /Children/

  17. Hamster and Hippo  (S. Baker) /Children/

  18. Itsy is Itchy  (S. Baker) /Children/

  19. Jelly in a Jam  (S. Baker) /Children/

  20. Kitten is a Kangaroo (S. Baker) /Children/

  21. Lion's Lesson  (S. Baker) /Children/

  22. Maymeemye Momu  (S. Baker) /Children/

  23. Nellie's Nine Narwhals  (S. Baker) /Children/

  24. Outlaw Orangutans  (S. Baker) /Children/

  25. Pudgy Porky  (S. Baker) /Children/

  26. Quacky Quads  (S. Baker) /Children/

  27. Rude Rutherford Robin  (S. Baker) /Children/

  28. Salamander Sisters  (S. Baker) /Children/

  29. ​GROW: How We Get Food from Our Garden (K. Beckstrand) /Children/    

  30. Gopher Golf: A Wordless Picture Book (K. Beckstrand)  /Children/  

  31. Agnes’s Rescue: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl (K. Beckstrand) /Nonfiction/children/

  32. Samuel Sailing: The True Story of an Immigrant Boy (K. Beckstrand) /Nonfiction/children/    

  33. Why Juan Can’t Sleep (K. Beckstrand) /children/

  34. Bright Lights Bound By Darkness (B. Cox) /scifi/

  35. ​​Holiday of the Dead (R. Glenn) /Horror/

  36. Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails (R. Glenn) /Horror/

  37. The King of America: Epic Edition (R. Glenn) /Horror/

  38. P.O.W. Wartime Log of F/Sgt. T.D. Glenn (R. Glenn) /Horror/

  39. Sonia's Secret Someone (M. Kriscott) /Christian contemporary romance/

  40. Melanie's Match (M. Kriscott) /Christian contemporary romance/

  41. School's Out (M. Kriscott) /Christian contemporary romance/

  42. Trapped in Iran (J. Lingard) /historical thriller/war/

  43. Distant Early Warning (J. Widmer) /Historical/Upmarket/

  44. One True Friend (T. Tayler) /Crime/Detective/

  45. Whispered Truths (T. Tayler) /Crime/Detective/

  46. A Morning Murder (T. Tayler) /Crime/Detective/

  47. H2LiftShips - A Back Story (B. Freeman) #V /SciFi - Hard Science/

  48. H2LiftShips - BosonsWave (B. Freeman) #V /SciFi - Hard Science/

  49. Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (K. Trautman) /Literary Fiction/

  50. 1914 (M. Druga) /Historical/

  51. 1915 (M. Druga) /Historical/    

  52. 1916 (M. Druga) /Historical/    

  53. 1917 (M. Druga) /Historical/

  54. 1918 (M. Druga) /Historical/   

  55. A Tale of Two Nations (M. Druga) /Historical/

  56. Heinous (M. Druga) /Historical/

  57. The Fountain (J. Heldt) /Time Travel/Historical/Romance/

  58. Civil War (T. Marti) /sci-fi/dystopian/fantasy/

  59. Free Your Heart (M. Krepps) /Urban/Fantasy/Romance/

  60. Fracture Five (A. Scudiere) /suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  61. Echo and Ember (A. Scudiere) /suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  62. Salvage (A. Scudiere) /suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  63. Garden of Bone (A. Scudiere) /suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  64. The Camelot Gambit (A. Scudiere)/suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  65. Dead Tide (A. Scudiere)/suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  66. Sabotage (A. Scudiere)/suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  67. Vanishing Point (A. Scudiere)/suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  68. The Surface (A. Scudiere)/suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  69. The Tempest (A. Scudiere)/suspense, forensic, paranormal/

  70. The Swarm (A. Scudiere)/suspense, forensic, paranormal/



This bookshelf is for authors that have put in their first request, or from representatives that have requested an author’s title for the first time (for that particular author). The Genre is listed between the //

For Consecutive Reviews:

up to 3 books reviewed at the same time, $30 per every three books, and the reviews will be posted consecutively. 

To rise to the top (second or third position) $30 donation per author. (all titles move together, but don't necessarily get reviewed and posted together


  1. Dragonborn (D. Sundblad) #V /Fantasy/

  2. Sage Goddess for Humanity Vol 1-3 (A. Strauss) #V /Mythological/
  3. Soulmate, Stage Right (B. Jones) #V /Contemporary romance/
  4. Soulmate, Stage Right (B. Jones) #V [audiobook] /Contemporary romance/
  5. MEAT (D. Cobain) #V /Horror/
  6. Crown Prince: Book One of New Blood (W. Kilpack) /Epic Fantasy/ 
  7. Check Mate (L. Starr) /Romantic Suspense/Mystery/
  8. Firebomb (L. Starr) /Action/Suspense/
  9. The Altar from Space (R. DeBoard) /Horror/
  10. Death Space: The true story of a deaf serial killer at Gallaudet University (T. Crowe) /True Crime/
  11. The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly (A. Conway) /Prose poetry/
  12. Nightworld Shadows (V. Coldiron) /Supernatural Suspense/
  13. The Call of The shaman (A. Rodriguez) #V /Coming of Age/
  14. The Return of The gods (A. Rodriguez) /Coming of Age/
  15. Liberty Justice (B. McKay) /Thriller/
  16. Accountable Religious Polygamists (A. Chandola) /Comedy/
  17. When I grow up i want TO BE A CHAIR (R. Harbuck) #V /Memoir/
  18. The Upsetter Blog (B. Marie) /Urban/Literary Fiction/Drama/
  19. Shaken & Stirred (E. Haines) /spy thriller/comedic/
  20. Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point (J. Auborn) /Middle-Grade/Paranormal/Adventure/
  21. Division X (A. Hill) /Adventure/Horror/




Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews does repost reviews or update reviews or add previously posted reviews to new sites where the book title is listed. This includes reposting or rewriting reviews for audiobooks or new "boxed" sets.


  1. The Caucasus Cauldron [audiobook] (J. Lingard) #V  /historical thriller/war/

  2. *

Other formats

  1. *



This is a list of banned, burned, challenged or even controversial books.

This donate button is for banned books only!
For every donation over $5 for Amy's Bookshelf Reviews to purchase a banned book, this icon will be given as a gift to the donator. (It is an image created by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews and Essence Publishing, and copyrighted). 

My Goal is to purchase the books in paperback, even if I have them on Kindle.  
Stop Censorship.png

Download a copy of the Banned, Burned, Challenged, and Controversial book list.

Updated 3/2022

  1. A Light in the Attic (Silverstein) #V (Kindle) 

  2. A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo (Twiss) #V (Kindle) 

  3. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Twain) #V (Kindle) 

  4. Twelfth Night (Shakespeare) Own (Hard cover part of collection)

  5. Tell Tale Heart (Poe) Own (Hard cover part of collection)

  6. The Outsiders (Hinton) #V (Paperback) 

  7. A Good Kind of Trouble (Ramée) #V

  8. Ground Zero: A Novel of 9/11 (Gratz) #V (Paperback) 

  9. Slaughterhouse-Five (Vonnegut) #V (Paperback) 

  10. 1984 (Orwell) #V (Paperback) 

  11. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret (Blume) #V (Paperback) 

  12. A Child Called It: One Child's Courage to Survive (​Pelzer) #V (Paperback) 

  13. The Catcher in the Rye (Salinger) #V (Paperback) 

  14. The Book Thief (Zusak) #V (Paperback) 

  15. To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee) #V (Paperback) 

  16. A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet) (L'Engle) #V (Paperback) 

  17. Fahrenheit 451  (Bradbury) #V (Paperback) 

  18. Lawn Boy (Evison) #V (Kindle)

  19. The End of Policing (Vitale) #V (Kindle)

  20. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Kesey) #V (Paperback)

  21. The Call of the Wild (London) #V (Paperback)

  22. *



Recommend a "Banned Book"


Recommend a Banned Book

Thanks for submitting!

Banned books copy.png



These are the books that I will read and review, but are also linked to my other review site, Amy's Reel True Crime Reviews, where the related documentaries to those particular subjects of these books.  Reading and reviewing these books do not affect the timeliness of other books that are on the other bookshelves.

Amys Reel True Crime Reviews Logo.jpg
  1. The Decision to Kill (L. Ghiglieri) #V

  2. Under the Banner of Heaven (J. Krakauer) (original show on Hulu) #V

  3. A SPECIAL KIND OF EVIL (Pardoe) (Hester) #V

  4. THE CASE OF THE ZODIAC KILLER (Morford) (Ferguson)


  6. Germond Family Murders (Cookingham) #V

  7. Ted Bundy: The Yearly Journal (K. Sullivan) #V

  8. THE LAST JEWISH GANGSTER: The Middle Years (D. Larson)



For details on the genre of the month, and which month celebrates which genre, go to the Genre of the Month Page.

Not on a bookshelf, but want your book in this list. Donate $5 per title, or donate any amount to allow an author's title being verified by purchasing it on

If it doesn't have #V, it's not a verified purchase yet.

  1. *

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