Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has new Featured Review options on

YouTube. There are three different types of Video reviews that can be

requested. In order to get the review on video, the author's title must

be on one of the bookshelves in Amy's Library or a request is made

for both a regular book review, and a video review. Amy's Bookshelf

Reviews now offers TikTok as an option to where videos can be uploaded by  @amysbookshelfreviews

$35 (US) Standard Video Review: AUDIO ONLY of Amy Shannon reading the review, and the synopsis of the book. The video will feature the book title, author's name, and where the book title can be purchased.

(Videos Uploaded to Amy's Bookshelf Reviews YouTube Channel. Shared on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Facebook page, and Twitter)

Sample: Deception: An Emily Graham Novel by McKensie Stewart



$50 (US) Extended Video Review. Text of review, video images, including title, book cover and author's name, and where to purchase the book. 

(Videos Uploaded to Amy's Bookshelf Reviews YouTube Channel. Shared on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Facebook page, and Twitter)

Sample: The Lost Letter by McKensie Stewart



$20 Powerpoint "video" as a book trailer for your book. Example: PPT Video Trailer of my book "Shattered Pages" 

$60 Book Trailer Video 


Example: Trailer of my book "Shattered Pages" 





  • $5 Video on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews YouTube Channel Shared to LinkedIn

  • $5 Video posted on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Featured Video Review page, and posted in a blog post on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

  • $40 Copy of the Video File that was uploaded. (You will be given a Google Drive link, where you can download the file)

  • Upload your video to TikTok ($20 per upload, and add it to the cost of the selected video).

  • $10 "Book Trailer Video Short"  (approximate time 30 seconds)

  • $25 Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will discuss your review on TikTok

All sales are final. Sorry, no refunds. View the sample videos before you decide which one you want.

Email address to send requests: amysbookshelfreviews@gmail.com


  • Review Request Quick Response (select the option on the Quick Response form)

  • New Review Request (select the option on the New Review Request form)

  • Express Release Review (at the end of the email type in YouTube Request)

  • Legacy Author Request (in the subject line of the email "Legacy Author" and at the end of the email, type in YouTube Request. 

  • If you have accounts on Twitter or Facebook, let Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews know, if Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews DOES NOT have that information already. If you order a post on LinkedIn, and have an account, you can connect with Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

  • ​Your request will be confirmed by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews before sending any invoice.


You will be invoiced via PayPal for the price of the video and any addons, 7% sales tax (as this is a service), and $6 billing fee.

Note: If the review has already been posted (no matter the year), the video will be made and uploaded to YouTube within 7 days of receiving the invoice payment. If the review has yet to be posted, the video review will be uploaded on the day that the review is posted. Also, for every three book reviews, you can get a fourth video for FREE. (Even if the fourth book is a future book). Your invoice will be a PayPal invoice coming from Essence Enterprises.

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