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UPDATE: Review Policy

A few updates have been made to my review policy.

I no longer share the review posts from my blog on Google Plus (as Google is getting rid of that social media platform as of April 1 2019).

Also, I have been getting requests from authors, who have not quite followed the rules and policies of sending me files, naming the files correctly, and usually, I let it slide. However, I need to change that. If the author/representative has NOT followed my policy (such as sending excessive files, not naming properly, sending incorrect formats, sending MULTIPLE formats of the SAME title,) I will return the email, and request the correct information.

It has come to my attention that I have been spending a lot of time just reformatting or correcting in correct files, or the files are taking a lot of space in my email account, so I must do this.

I am doing my best to support all authors and take as many requests as possible, and I do my best not to waste time or use wasted time to work on things, including my own projects and READING AND REVIEWING any author's work that comes my way.

Also, many of the emails sent to authors have been updated, so please read them thoroughly to gain important information about the review, new policies, and new promotions.

I thoroughly support Indie Authors. I appreciate your time and patience.


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