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New Requests Spreadsheet

Updated  01/07/2022

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Last Update: 01/07/2022

​When entering information in spreadsheet or forms, check for typos and spelling errors before sending. If there is an incorrect email address, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews cannot respond



Unless otherwise specific, the digital format of the book must be received within 5 days of the initial response from Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews. **Note, if mailing a print copy, request the address, and also send a digital format as well. (Print copies are accepted, autograph preferred).

Digital formats:

  • PDF

  • Audio,

  • Email-to-kindle

  • Kindle Purchase

  • Bookfunnel Downloads

  • Net Galley Downloads

  • Prolific Works Downloads

  • Book Sirens Reviews (If your book is on Book Sirens, I can request the review copy to do the review, and once approved, I have 30 days to review it, so the title will automatically be added to the VIP-PRIORITY BOOKSHELF for a $5.00 donation) (If there isn't an approval for Book Sirens to receive the ARC copy, I'll need the digital copy sent to me and will post a review for the donation cost). 

  • Gifts/Gift Cards/Coupon codes

    • Smashwords: coupon code for free title

    • (US) Amazon gift card

  • Donation purchase (See Donation document for more details)

  • Audio Books (must send as gift or with code or donation of the cost of the purchase of the audiobook) or another audiobook site

  • Kindle Vella: Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will now accept episodic stories on Kindle Vella.

    • Having a story already on there, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is familiar with the process.

    • Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has some available tokens, but would also accept donations for the purchase of tokens.

    • Amazon has a few options for the amount of tokens, 200 for 1.99, 525 for 4.99, 1100 for 9.99 and 1700 for 14.99.

    • The tokens are based on the number of episodes and the length of the episode. The first three episodes are free, and then each episode must be unlocked to read, depending on the size, for a specific amount of tokens.

    • If you don't use Vella, I found it to be great for short stories, even full length books, but to use Vella, the book cannot have been already published (tried it before I knew that rule, and it didn't get published for that reason).


Digital copies of books and book covers are now asked (not required) to be uploaded to Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews Google Drive. (Updated 1/1/2022)

Upload the PDF version of your book with only its title for its name to the following link: (after you have been instructed to do so).

After the book has been read, the book will be removed for author's confidentiality and privacy.  If you have uploaded the file, send an email with all the information. If you are sending a cover, please upload it with the name of the title, without the leading article (A, An, The), it can only be a jpg, png or bmp. (no PDFS for images, please) to the following link:

After the book has been read, the cover will be removed for author's confidentiality and privacy. Only authors or author representatives and Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will have access to these folders. These links are also on Amy’s Library, using the appropriate Google Icon.



$0 (US)

  • MUST be a FUTURE DATE!! (Year ending 2022 or beyond) 

  • Use QUICK RESPONSE Request Form

    • Request for QUICK RESPONSE MUST be at least 40 Days (from request date) in advance of the release date! (new authors ONLY)

    • Legacy Authors for QUICK RESPONSE must be at least 30 days in advance (from request date) and send a direct email for the request.

Early Release Reviews

Use the QUICK RESPONSE form on the Requests Page but select "Early Release" on the Request Type. Early Reviews are for promotions only. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will not post a review on a book seller's website until the date of the release.

​If you are looking for a review that you can quote and use for promotional reasons, such as inside a book, on the amazon "review" section, front/back cover, and need it earlier, let Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews know after you receive your initial email. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews schedules reviews to be posted on release date.

​Early Release reviews will be sent to the author no sooner than 30 days prior to release date. If there is a publication deadline for an early release review, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will accept the request from the publisher and meet the deadline but only if requested by the publisher or agent.

​EXPRESS RELEASE REVIEWS (For both NEW and LEGACY AUTHORS.) * (releases that are under the allotted amount of time for release date review request) (Fees listed below are “donations” and DO NOT buy a review, but put the title on the release review calendar)

*Digital copies of an Express Release Review needs to be sent via email within 24 hours of Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews’ response.


Legacy Author (30 days):

  • 29 days – 8 days before release

$50 (US)

  • 7 days -- 4 days before release

 $75 (US)

  • 3 days posting or less, use the VIP-IMMEDIATE BOOKSHELF request

$100 (US)


New Author Request (40 days):

  • 29 days – 8 days before release

$50 (US)

  • 7 days -- 4 days before release

 $75 (US)

  • 3 days posting or less, use the VIP-IMMEDIATE BOOKSHELF request

$100 (US)


To get the EXPRESS RELEASE REVIEW, please follow these steps or it is possible the request would be denied.

  1. Email (do NOT fill out any forms below)

  2. In subject line "Express Release Review"

  3. In the body of the email, type in this information, and DO NOT add attach anything to the email. Pen name of Author, Book Title, Book Genre, Release date, and where the book will/is listed to be bought.

  • The author will get an email back, so read it carefully, as it will contain instructions as to what the next step for the author will be.


$20 (US) up to four titles

Consecutive reviews are when an author has requested reviews for more than one of their titles. Instead of when title is read and reviewed, the others go to the bottom of the list, this allows all titles to have the reviews posted consecutively.


$0 (US)

  • Use EMAIL only

  • Any author who Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews has reviewed for in the past is eligible to email Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews directly at and put "Legacy Author" in the subject line

Legacy Authors do NOT have to fill out another form or make a request first, just send the files and information Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews need.

  • The digital copy of the book.

  • The links to the books (if they are listed on the following sites),,,, Smashwords (only if the book is free or has a free discount code), Kobo (US), BookBub, and (if applicable) audiobook link.

  • Social media accounts (Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews uses social media platforms to share the reviews and tag the authors)

  • A default link that can be connected to the book cover when the review is posted on the website .

  • Author’s website or blog

  • Amazon author page

  • Type of publisher (traditional, self, indie, hybrid)

  • Publishing company name/website

  • Country you live in.

  • Previously published works, send the cover, genre, and book title. The title will be added to the VIP- LEGACY BOOKSHELF, with the author’s last name in parenthesis.


$0 (US)

  • New-to-this site requests (authors or author representatives) will go to the end of the STANDARD NEW AUTHOR BOOKSHELF

  • Any author wanting to move to another higher shelf, needs to make a donation. See Donation policy for more details.


$0 (US)

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will repost reviews if:

  • A title has changed, or the cover has changed, or the book is being re-released.

  • If the story has changed or has been dramatically updated, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will gladly reread the story, and update the previous review, if necessary.

  • If the story is being rereleased, and has been updated, and has a new “buy link,” Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will gladly reread the book, and post the new review.

  • If the book is being released in an audiobook, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews would like to listen to the book and write a review to reflect not just the story but the audiobook itself. (Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will need a redemption code or a donation made in order to purchase the audiobook) Amy's Bookshelf Reviews can't post reviews without a purchase on

  • Any requests for reposts can be made by emailing Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews directly.


​$35.00 (US) Author will be invoiced in PayPal by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

(Can only be used in conjunction with another review type) The Video will be uploaded to the new Amy's Bookshelf Reviews YouTube Channel, and it will be shared to Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Facebook page.

  • The finale of the video, will have a graphic of the book cover, and the author's preferred Book buy link.

  • If you have a book trailer, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews would be happy to add it to the video.

  • Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews can also create a via Powerpoint videos

$20 (US)

  • Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will share video on LinkedIn from YouTube

$5 (US)

  • Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will add the video to an Amy's Bookshelf Reviews website post, and also be added to the "Featured Video Review" page on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews website .

$20 (US)

An example of a Featured Review Video (#FRYT) 


  • Review Request Quick Response (select the option on the Quick Response form)

  • New Review Request (select the option on the New Review Request form)

  • Express Release Review (at the end of the email type in YouTube Request)

  • Legacy Author Request (in the subject line of the email "Legacy Author" and at the end of the email, type in YouTube Request. 

  • If you have accounts on Twitter or Facebook, let Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews know, if Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews DOES NOT have that information already. If you order a post on LinkedIn, and have an account, you can connect with Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

Your request will be confirmed by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews before sending any invoice.

​Note: If the review has already been posted (no matter the year), the video will be made and uploaded to YouTube within 7 days of receiving the invoice payment. If the review has yet to be posted, the video review will be uploaded on the day that the review is posted. Also, for every three book reviews, you can get a fourth video for FREE. (Even if the fourth book is a future book).


If you just need to make contact, have a special request, or have some questions about anything, use the Contact Me form on the FAQ Page. ​




  • New Requests is for both Indie and traditional published authors.

  • Representatives can fill out form, if the representative is "new" to this site 

  • All requests will be followed up with an instructional email.

  • Please ONLY one request per Author (this for authors with more than one book, or co-authors)

  • Only add one book title to the request form.

Fill out the “New Requests” Form below.

For Authors that are new to this site, and DO NOT qualify for other request types.


Donations, payments, or gratuities, no matter the amount DO NOT BUY or PAY FOR REVIEWS. The reviews are honest and unbiased, and based on what Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews reads. (See the donation policy document)

Do not send anything to Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews until the request has been accepted.

Please read!!!


When Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is ready to post the review, and the book is unavailable, out of print, or not published, it will not be posted, not even on the website or Goodreads. Only when it has a date, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will post it.


  • Guests of the PODCAST “The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon” or “After The After Show” will automatically get a review of their work, if they have not had their book reviewed by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews, priority to its airing. (A review ahead of time does not change the guest fee for either podcast).

  • Blog Tours. Blog Tours where The Official Blog of Amy Shannon participates, offers to review the book being promoted, and its review. (Blog Tour requests can be emailed to Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews directly).

  • Purchased literary promotions from Genesis Literary Promotions

Please read before submitting request with the appropriate form. 


  1. Please fill out the appropriate form, answering all the questions accurately. (check for typos before sending)

  2. There will be a response to the request within 48 hours. You will receive an initial email, a checklist, and an excel spreadsheet attachment. The spreadsheet must be filled out and returned with the other requested files. 

Failure to conform to the form or the review policy will result in DENIAL OF REQUEST, so please read the form questions and the review policy carefully. This goes for any email received by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews use a preset email format that Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews created but the text of those emails may change at any time, so read each email you get from Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews carefully. All emails have a date of when they were last updated.



  • Must use the CORRECT form to request a review. (If you do not, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will request that you do before moving forward)

  • ALL first-time requests MUST be made via the request form (No matter where you heard of Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews. Fill out the form and answer all required questions.)

  • Whether you are new to this site, or a Legacy Author, always read the policies before filling out one of the forms. 

  • Unsolicited direct emails to Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews will be given instructions to fill out an official form.


  • This is a United States-Based Review website.

  • Amy's Bookshelf Reviews also tags the reviews with the authors social media platform account, and always follows or likes the author's social media platforms, and even signs up for newsletters on author's websites. 

  • Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews reads book titles of MOST genres and accepts requests from any author (indie or traditionally published) or author representative (publisher, agent, assistant etc.) 

  • Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews can only review books written in ENGLISH (or for audio books, narrated in English). 

  • The review is posted on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews website.

  • From the website post, it is shared on 2 Facebook pages. 

  • From the website post, it is shared on 2 Twitter accounts (amyshan_72 #ABSR & @ABSR_amyreviews)

  • From the website post, it is shared on LinkedIn

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on audiobook (

Updated Posting Sites: 01/07/2022

If the book is listed on the publisher's website, and there is a place for a review or comment area, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will post there as well, however, there is a small cost. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will post on the following sites, for the cost of $5.00 extra per site unless otherwise specified:

  • NetGalley

  • BookSirens

  • Google Books

  • Pinterest

  • Smashwords (Cost of Book or use Redemption Code). Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has accounts for all of these sites.


​Excel Spreadsheet & Word Checklist

  • If you receive MS Excel spreadsheet with the initial email, send it back with all the required files.

  • Do NOT change anything in the spreadsheet, just follow the instructions given.

  • If you have an issue with the spreadsheet, there is an unformatted text version

  • Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews accepts MAC "Numbers" files

  • Read the Word Checklist and complete the steps.

  • DO NOT send anything until it’s requested. (including donations).

  • YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL RESPONSE. Make sure you check your SPAM folder from an email from and add it to your safe-senders list.

  • Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews NO LONGER will accept Gifted Books through Amazon.

  • DO NOT send anything does not ask for, such as advertisements, fliers, author bios, author pics, etc...

  • DO NOT send incorrect format of image files such as PDF of complete covers

  • DO NOT lie or misrepresent yourself, or lie about a release date (Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews verify all information)

  • DO NOT send "proof" copy of print book or digital book

  • DO NOT send a computer printed manuscript when sending a print copy.


All books to be reviewed are listed on AMY'S LIBRARY page. Authors can use this page to keep track of the position of their title. There is only one reader and reviewer associated with this website. All titles on the BOOSHELVES have the author’s last name in parentheses.


Just have a question or comment? Email Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews directly at


Only use the QUICK RESPONSE Request form if you have an UPCOMING RELEASE DATE and want a review posted on that date. Do NOT use this form for an express release, follow the instructions above.

  • Release date must be at least the YEAR ENDING IN AT LEAST 2022 or greater).

  • When filling out the form, DO NOT use all caps. Use proper sentence case.

  • ​Only request a review for one book. (You can add books at a later time.)

  • ​Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews validates all release dates, so be sure to be accurate.

  • Do not add URLS or website links of any kind in any of the fields.

​Any form that does not follow the requirements, will be returned to the author.


This form is for all authors who have NEVER received a review from Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.  Once the request has been approved, the title will be added to the end of the STANDARD NEW AUTHORS BOOKSHELF.

​Cutting the line: (Getting on a higher shelf) (See Donation document for more details)

​​There is no specific turn-around time for reviews, as Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews do schedule them so the posting will abide by rules. A note, though, that any book that Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews purchase (from the donation account) makes the book a verified purchase. Reviews can be posted with or without being a verified purchase. 

​​​Double check your email address, as that is the only way Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews can contact you. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews has gotten undeliverable emails because of typos in the email address field. 

(future release date reviews)