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"Review Club"

 Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews is starting a “review club.” For a monthly subscription of $10, readers who write reviews, or reviewers, can sign up to be part of the club, and have their reviews posted on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews website. A requirement for the reviewers, is that they had have to at least write reviews for authors that are in the Legacy author list (books reviewed by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews or have yet to be reviewed). If the reviewer meets this requirement, then they can also have the opportunity to post reviews of other authors’ work. If they do this, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews, will also read and review that book for that author, if the author wishes or puts in an official request. (If you only wish to participate occasionally, it is a $5 fee for each title). Other reviewer's book reviews, will appear up to two reviews per month.

What does this review club accomplish?

  • Allows other reviewers to have a post on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews review blog.

  • Offers authors to have their books read by other reviewers

  • For the reviewer, at the end of the post, it gives the reviewer a byline, of their name and website.

  • Reviewers will also get listed on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews Reviewer Directory

  • Authors can also sign up so they can read and review other’s work.

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews review blog posts can be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Reviewers will submit their review (not have access to the blog), and their review will be posted within 2 weeks of submission to Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

Reviews can also join the Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Reviewer's Club Group at 

Readers and reviewers can sign up on the form. Once the initial request has been made via the form, reviews received from the reviewers, can be directly emailed to

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Monthly Subscription
Occasional Review Contribution