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Welcome to the Official Website of Author Amy Shannon.

I am a writer, poet, book reviewer, avid reader, and most of all, a story teller.  I  write crime dramas that have romance undertones. My characters have a depth to them, and each is unique as all people are. Most of my stories have female main characters, but two have male main characters ("Fettering Shadows" and "Shattered Pages")

Browse the site to check out my books, and each book has a purchase link to amazon.com or browse my "bookstore" and order directly from me (digital files only)

I also have what I refer to as my author blog, where I promote my own work, promote other authors, participate in blog tours, and offer promotional and services packages for authors and their books. Click HERE for the SERVICES page.  Click HERE for the PROMOTIONS page.

Author Amy Shannon


Featured Book:

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All of my Yesterdays 

Paperback ISBN:   978-1675552223

ASIN:   B082RGS1Q8

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Edition: First

The Book:

All of my Yesterdays is a collection of my inspirations and how I am affected by many of my reads and listens. Yes, it’s more than just reading the words, but listening to the words, the sounds, the songs, the lyrical melodic tones that tell the story. Whether it is written, told, or even sung, words are inspiring. Gives a new life to my own words, thoughts, and ideas.

To inspire is to allow breath, And to give and receive, thoughts, ideas and stories

With all that comes from moving forward, To see tomorrow, To move onward, We must look at yesterday, The pain, the pleasure, What reminds us to open our minds gesture, When I fell to my knees. Trying to break free, Holding on to life’s revelry, It was almost taken, With thrusts and force, And broken hearts, On a mending course, His darkness lingered, Breaking down the light, Almost winning, Not expecting a fight, With tears and screams, Calling upon myself, Pulling out that strength ...


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