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Welcome to the Official Website of Author Amy Shannon.

I am a writer, poet, book reviewer, avid reader, and most of all, a story teller.  I  write

crime dramas that have romance undertones. My characters have a depth to them, and each is unique as all people are. Most of my stories have Female main characters, but two have male main characters ("Fettering Shadows" and "Shattered Pages")

Browse the site to check out my books, and each book has a purchase link to amazon.com. 

Author Amy Shannon


NEW PROJECT: "Story Telling with Amy Shannon"

Story Telling with Amy Shannon is a new video series, uploaded to YouTube, and shared on other platforms regarding stories told by Amy Shannon. The stories can be anything from her published works or new stories that may not make it to a page.  Videos can also be viewed on the Story Telling page of this website. 

Featured Book:

Cover Front_Kindle.jpg

"Tattered Words"

Paperback ISBN: 978-1532782053


The Book:

Call it poetry, call it thoughts, but whatever it is, I must put it on paper the minute it crosses my mind or it will be lost forever. I sometimes share these random thoughts that cross my mind, and sometimes, I keep them to myself. However, here I am sharing more.
Not a sequel, but more like a continuation of my poetry book “Unbroken Souls”. A natural thought process of creativity, imagination, inspiration and emotions. Some emotions that get shared, and some I keep for myself. I do not always have to feel it, I just have to write it. Welcome to my Tattered Words.

The words come easy, the feelings come hard, the thoughts run wild,  the words flow promptly, writing in my head, to explain the thought


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