The Complete List of Title Editions

1              Unwritten Life 

                Unwritten Life 

                Unwritten Life 

                Unwritten Life (10th Anniversary Edition)

                Unwritten Life 

                Unwritten Life

2              Contrary Measures

                Contrary Measures

3              Passionate Retribution

                Passionate Retribution

4              Rewritten Life

                Rewritten Life

                Rewritten Life

5              Unwritten Lives: Path to Destiny

                Unwritten Lives: Path to Destiny

                Unwritten Lives: Path to Destiny

                Unwritten Life's Paths to Destiny

6              Written Life: Past Meets Present

                Written Life: Past Meets Present

                Written Life’s Past meets Present

7              Life's Written Past

                Life's Written Past

                Life's Written Past

8              Life's Unwritten Future

                Life's Unwritten Future

                Life's Unwritten Future

9              Another Written Life

                Another Written Life

                Another Written Life

10           Lives...Rewritten


                Life Rewritten

11           Unwritten Life and Death

                Unwritten Life and Death

                Unwritten Life and Death

12           Life's Destiny: The Healer

                Life's Healer

13           Life's Destiny: Hindering Hope

                Life's Hindering Hope

14           Life's Destiny: Binding Ties

                Life's Binding Ties

15           Life's Destiny: Resurrection

                Life's Resurrection

16           Life's Destiny: Infiltration

                Life's Infiltration

17           Life's Destiny: Revival

                Life's Revival

18           LIfe's Destiny: Depths of Souls

                Life's Depths of Souls

19           Life's Destiny: Explosion in Time

                Life's Explosion in Time

20           Life's Destiny: Connections

                Life's Connections

21           Life's Unwritten Destiny: Perspective: Matthew Garris

22           Life's Unwritten Destiny: Perspective: Bill Wheeler

23           Life's Unwritten Destiny: Perspective: Mike Dix

24           Unwritten Fate: Collision

                Life's Collision

25           Unwritten Fate: Intersection

                Life's Intersection

26           Alternate Path: Destiny ... Rewritten

27           Alternate Path Destiny ... Crossroads

28           Alternate Path Destiny ... Intertwined

29           Unwritten Fate: Final Destination

                Life's Final Destination

30           Unwritten Fate: Generations

                Life's Generations

31           Unwritten Fate: The Return

                Life's Return

32           Unwritten Fate: Resolution

                Life's Resolution

33           Unwritten Fate: A New Unwritten Life

                A new Unwritten Life

34           Unwritten Fate: Dissolution

                Life's Dissolution

35           Unwritten Fate: Linear Souls

                Life's Linear Souls

36           Unwritten Fate: Choices

                Life's Choices

37           Unwritten Fate: Passions

                Life's Passions

38           Unwritten Fate: Awakening

                Life's Awakening

39           Unwritten Fate: Vengeance

                Life's Vengeance

40           Passionate Retribution II

                Passionate Retribution II

41           Unlawful Identity

                Unlawful Identity

                Unlawful Identity

42           Fate's Intersection: Heartful Depths

                Life's Heartful Depths

43           Fate's Intersection: Quaking Souls

                Life's Quaking Souls

44           Fate's Intersection: Fractured

                Fractured Life

45           Fate's Intersection: Drowning

                Life's Drowning

46           Fate's Intersection: Exploration

                Life's Exploration

47           Fate's Intersection: The Curative

                Life's Curative

48           Fate's Intersection: Thicker than Blood

                Thicker than Life's Blood

49           Fate's Intersection: Salvation

                Life's Salvation

50           Fate's Intersection: Capturing  Midnight

                Capturing Life's Midnight

51           Fate's Intersection: ReEvolution

                Life's ReEvolution

52           Depths of Muse

53           Unwritten Connections: Soulful Intentions

                Life's Soulful Intentions

54           Unwritten Connections: Jagged Flames

                Life's Jagged Flames

55           Unwritten Connections: Rising Depths

                Life's Rising Depths

56           Unwritten Connections: Doomed Immortality

                Life's Doomed Immortatlity

57           Unwritten Connections: Raw Enforcement

                Life's Raw Enforcement

58           Unwritten Connections: Deemed Corruption

                Life's Deemed Corruption

59           Unwritten Connections: Inherent Immorality

                Life's Inherent Immorality

60           Unwritten Connections: Retrospective Legacy

                Life's Retrospective Legacy

61           Unwritten Connections: Torturous Souls

                Life's Torturous Souls

62           Sars Springs Handbook

63           Soulful Journey Passages

                Life's Passages

64           Shattered Pages

                Shattered Pages

65           Soulful Journeys: Tribulations

                Life's Tribulations

66           Soufulf Journeys: Spirituality

                Life's Spirituality

67           Soulful_Journeys: Revitalizations

                Life's Reviatlizations

68           Soulful_Journeys: Rapture

                Life's Rapture

69           Soulful_Journeys: Sacred Retaliation

                Life's Sacred Retaliation

70           Soulful_Journeys: Fiery Resuscitation

                Life's Fiery Resuscitation

71           Prowl


72           The Interview: Revelations

                Life's Unwritten Destiny: Perspective: Randy Harrison

73           Soulful_Journeys: Experimentation

                Life's Expermintation

74           Soulful_Journeys: Redemption

                Life's Redemption

75           Soulful_Journeys: Humanity

                Life's Humanity

76           Preyfiler

77           Passionate Retribution III

78           Districtive

                The District Life: Districtive

79           Disarray

                The District Life: Disarray

80           Smashed: A Savvy Macavoy Story

81           Disassembled

                The District Life: Disassembled

82           Disapparent

                The District Life: Disapparent

83           Unbroken Souls

84           Tattered Words

85           Chains

86           Fractured Tears

                Empowerment: A Collection of Works

87           Fettering Shadows

88           The Relic: A Savvy Macavoy Story

89           Life's Return Home Sweet Sars Springs

90           Life's Return: The Practice

                Passionate Retribution Trio

                The Profilers Series (Prowl & Preyfiler)

91           Passionate Retribution IV

92           Sars Springs Finale

93           Depths of Characters: A writer's resource and workbook to character building

94           All of My Yesterdays

95           A Character's Fate

                Passionate Retribution Series (4-book set)

96           The Back Yard

97           Plan B

98           Worth

99           Shadow

100         Emma

101         Light

102         By Design

103         Turbulence

104         Cuffed

105         Interrogation

106         Retribution (First person, present)

107         Retribution (Third person, past)

108         Flashback

109         Who Killed Mrs. Crane?

110         Algernon: Thief of the Poor

111         Mom

112         Gramma

113         Kerri

114         Price of Forever

115         The Station

116         Inward/Outward

117         PTSD

118         Why I wrote …

119         My Final Chapter

                A Legacy of Words: My Final Chapter

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