The premise for most of my books is that it's best to be true to yourself. Be who you are and be strong. Many of my female characters are strong women, who gain empowerment after overcoming tramatic obstacles. There should be no stereotype for any human being. We are who we are. Enjoy my stories.

My Final Chapter: A Legacy of Words
New Release: 01/01/2022
Paperback KDP: 979-8-531-59199-9
Paperback Global: 978-0-557-96491-8
A collection of short stories, essays, and thoughts

This is a collection of short stories, flash fiction and essays that I’ve written over the years. I don’t know if I will ever add more stories, but they probably would only be short ones. I am writing this part very slowly, as my Essential Tremor Disorder has worsened, and my hands shake almost all the time, especially when I hand write or type. Writing has always been a part of me. I have some unfinished works but hopefully by the time this book is finished, those stories will be part of this, and finished as well. 

The last words of this book, are the last words in a story, in a book, to be read by the public, written by me.


Contrary Measures
Second Printing
First Released 2005
New Release: 10/1/2017
**Truths transform into lies as emotions clash with broken memories.**

Rayna Larson lost her entire life in a single moment. On the edge of impending loneliness, she sets out to find something ... something that will improve her new life. Clashing emotions and memories contradict each other, making Rayna wonder about what was and how she will get to will be. Soon, she finds herself nursing a mysterious man who literally drops at her feet. The connection she feels for the familiar stranger, Ethan Phillips, is something she can't even deny. Trust becomes a big issue as pieces of her old life fall into place, and yet, others disappear. Rayna wonders if she can trust herself, her feelings for Ethan, and any answers she gets about her old life. In some ways, Ethan is a big help, and other ways, he’s more secretive than she realizes, especially when she realizes that his secrets overlap with her own past.

Who took her life away and who wants to keep it buried and locked away in her mind forever?


Passionate Retribution
Release Date: 8.20.2014

ISBN-10: 1500915963
ISBN-13: 978-1500915964

ASIN: B00MX412B2


Ex- Detective Carly Edwards, recovering from a horrifying attack, is determined to bring her attacker to justice - especially when the police prove to be of no use. With the help of friends, she begins to reconstruct her life. As the past collides with the present, Carly is determined to get make the alleged attacker pay for his crime. Suddenly, love appears out of two different directions and she needs to decide. As events and emotions play havoc in her mind, she fears losing control. Soon, friends and family are being injured or killed, and she becomes more determined than ever to get retribution. But is the price too high a price to pay? Will it cost Carly her life? Her friend’s lives?

Other Books in the Series

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Shattered Pages (Second Edition)


Release Date: 8.28.2013

ISBN-10: 1500915122
ISBN-13: 978-1500915124



Available on Kindle, Audiobook and Paperback


Lincoln McLaren is an eccentric mystery author who lives in a big house on the hill. Known to his neighbors as the creepy recluse, he keeps his distance from the public and relies on his long-time housekeeper and his latest assistant. His world is turned upside down when a serial killer starts using his novels, as a murder map. Not everyone understands his ways, especially his comfortableness with his own nudity. One woman, who desperately wants to get close to him, is willing to do take him as he is, if only he’d let her. Link reevaluates his life and his relationships as more bodies are dropping, close to home. Will he revert to his old self and have a nervous breakdown or will he be able to keep his sanity, as he becomes their number one suspect?

Shattered Pages front cover 2022.jpg
Shattered Pages (Third Edition)


Release Date: 4.1.2022

ISBN-13: 9798429139180



Available on Kindle and Paperback (The original version is also on audiobook)


Best-selling mystery author, Tristan Wyatt (aka Lincoln McLaren) is in the middle of writing the third volume of his series, while also training his latest assistant, and deal with life outside of his writing. Link's neighbors refer to him as the creepy recluse that lives in the extremely large home. Link prefers it that way. His house assistant, Sally, does her best to keep him on task. Losses in his life, add to his already eccentricities. All of a sudden, he becomes a person of interest in a series of murders that are happening in his small town of Bridgeport. Not everyone understands him, especially his fondness for not wearing clothing. With his late wife, still in front of his mind, and his heart, Charlie wonders if she'll ever get close enough to him. She likes him as he is, even when as there is a killer out there, using the books he wrote, and the one he is still writing, as a murder map.

Link reevaluates his life and his relationships as more bodies are dropping, close to home. Will he revert to his old self and have a nervous breakdown, or will he be able to keep his sanity, as he becomes their number one suspect?

Newest Version. 2022

Release Date

ISBN-10: 1500919160
ISBN-13: 978-1500919160


Andrea Wallace cannot go anywhere without her shadow, Keith Leonard Fontana … a man obsessed with her. Stalking her for years, his behavior escalates. When she starts dating a police officer, Fontana becomes unhinged, killing or attacking anyone she encounters. Andrea meets local FBI profiler, Special Agent John Marshall, who is assigned to her case. He helps her realize her natural talents of observation and perception. After he finally catches her, the story is not over. Andrea reaches inside herself for inner strength and turns the tables on her stalker. As the search for Fontana increases, she retreats to the comfort of her own home, and new pet, a retired police dog, Ralph. Fontana is on the prowl, but is he alone in his stalking?

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Unlawful Identity

Third Printing

New Release Date : December 2, 2020

NYPD Detective Samantha "Sam" Lange, her thoughts and ideals scarred from the sudden death of her brother, falls for the charms of FBI Agent Parker Carlisle. Carlisle gives her choices with only one real option, do anything to keep her family safe. 

Sam must leave her old life behind her in order to work for him, as a hitwoman. As Sam and Parker grow closer, she wonders if she can truly trust him, especially when she must go undercover in order to take down local crime boss, Jack Morrison. Parker and Sam both hide their personal connection to Morrison, in order to do the job at hand. 

Emotions collide with trust and loyalty as Sam falls deeper and deeper into her role and Parker's bed.

How will her decisions affect both her past life and future life? 

Can she really trust her heart and Parker or will his secrets reveal the worse kind of betrayal? 

Unlawful Identity. Loyalty comes with a price. Betrayal.

Release Date: 4.5.2015

ISBN-13: 978-1511427661

ISBN-10: 1511427663




Savvy Macavoy is not your typical private investigator. Her braids, jeans, and sandals always give off a unique impression on her clients. Savvy has lived an interesting life and with her best friend, Leonard at her side, loves living her life, her way. She isn’t ashamed of her childhood spent on the hippie commune, but has an estranged relationship with her six brothers.


Savvy is attracted to her whiskey but tries to maintain being professional when she’s working for clients. Savvy thought everything in her life was under her control, until she met Strick, a veteran forced into the homeless life on the streets. When he crosses her path, without thinking or forethought, something about Strick draws her into him, and she immediately helps him.


Savvy tries to focus on her case, enlisting Strick’s help, to search for the missing late husband of wealthy widow Angelica Margolis. Strick and Savvy try to solve the mystery of “The Missing Harold.”




Other Books in the Series

Fractured Tears: A struggle for Justice
Release Date: 2.14.2016
ISBN: 978-1523686582



Anna Coleman gave her husband one more chance for them to work on fixing what was wrong with their marriage. Ted Coleman used that chance to try to kill her. Anna didn’t give up or give in, she fought to survive, and she fought for justice, as it became a personal struggle. All she wanted was for the justice system to properly punish Ted for what he did to her, and it took a lot of strength, perseverance, and support.

Read how Anna struggles to fight for justice, and deal with her personal issues from having been betrayed and abused by her husband of 13 years.

This is a fictionalized version of the real life events of the Author.




Release date: 9.1.16
ISBN: 978-1535150262



Twelve-year-old Veronica “Ronnie” Lawrence was kidnapped from the steps of her middle school, and taken by Dr. Shawn Channing or as she knew him, “Mister”. Channing kept her chained for years in his basement dungeon, while he enslaved her and kept her for years. With some inner strength she never knew she had, she survived, the torture and abuse. As she grew up, she truly believed she would never leave and see her family again. Then on day 3855 of her captivity, she was rescued.
Take a journey with Ronnie on how her strength keeps her alive, even when her body is damaged and broken. Can she survive outside of Channing’s prison-like manor?




Fettering Shadows
Release date: 6.9.2017
ISBN: 9781521097328



Private Investigator Jake Dalton, a former Texas Ranger, has settled down in a small town in Oklahoma, set in his ways, and creating a new life for himself. Even when his former partner asks for help on some unsolved serial murder cases, he is still focused on what is rather than what was.

Then she walks into his agency and life, and turns it upside down. Dr. Agatha "Aggie" Constantine hires Jake to find her stalker, a stalker who she believes is also the serial killer only known by the name Icarus.

Jake finds himself drawn to Aggie, while also wondering whom he can and can't trust, and pulling in all of his resources and contacts for help. The case that continues to haunt Jake may have just brought more than he bargained for, right to his doorstep, especially when torsos resembling his old case are starting to surface.






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