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Passionate Retribution Trio
Release Date: February 1, 2015

The Passionate Retribution Series

Passionate Retribution: Introduces Carly Edwards. Ex-Detective Carly Edwards, recovering from a horrifying attack, is determined to bring her attacker to justice - especially when the police prove to be of no use. With the help of friends, she begins to reconstruct her life. As the past collides with the present, Carly is determined to make the alleged attacker pay for his crime.

Passionate Retribution II: When ex-NYPD Detective turned Private Investigator Carly Edwards took on her ex-lover, Tyler Mathison as her partner four years ago, she never dreamed that she'd be the one investigating his murder. As the pain of his loss, fills her head, she finds herself trying to not only keep her personal life together, but keep her head on straight so she can focus on finding the new killer.

Passionate Retribution III: Carly Marshall, a private investigator in New York City, faces another emotional toll when someone so deeply close to her loses his life. Desperate for retribution, she is determined to find the one responsible for causing death and pain, while she has to deal with her own emotions of pain, grief and attraction for another man. Carly and her family need to heal and move on with their lives while trying to find the answers they so desperately seek. Will Carly finally get her happily ever after or will retribution be too hard to pass up?



Profilers Duo

Release Date: February 1, 2015




The Profilers Series featuring Prowl and Preyfiler

Prowl: Andrea Wallace cannot go anywhere without her shadow, Keith Leonard Fontana … a man obsessed with her. Stalking her for years, his behavior escalates. When she starts dating a police officer, Fontana becomes unhinged, killing or attacking anyone she encounters.
Andrea meets local FBI profiler, Special Agent John Marshall, who is assigned to her case. He helps her realize her natural talents of observation and perception.
After he finally catches her, the story is not over. Andrea reaches inside herself for inner strength and turns the tables on her stalker. As the search for Fontana increases, she retreats to the comfort of her own home, and new pet, a retired police dog, Ralph.
Fontana is on the prowl, but is he alone in his stalking?

Preyfiler: Special Agent Andrea Wallace focuses on her new job as she tries to come to terms with her break up with John Marshall, and new relationship with the Police Chief, Bill Caldwell. Her new protocols and procedures for dealing with stalkers becomes her greatest investigating tools, however, she never realized that her past as a victim of a stalker, would not only enhance her career skills, but also come back to haunt her.
She keeps being pulled back into the murderous world of her tormentor Del Armenti, even though he sits in a prison cell. Will she be able to deal with her feelings for the men around her as well as keep her focus? Will John’s return comfort or hinder her hard work?
The past is always one step in front of her, threatening her own control.


Release Date:  November 1, 2016




Empowerment is a collection of stories that feature the work of Amy Shannon. Each story has a powerful and strong woman as the main character. The importance of an empowered woman is that she does not always know or realize how strong she is. What doesn't kill her, makes her stronger, bolder, wiser and unstoppable. She is not to be underestimated, and she is still a soft, fragile, sexy, desirable woman. A lady. A lady who cries, a lady who lets the man she loves hold her, a lady to takes on the world to protect herself or those closest to her.

Empowerment includes the following stories by Amy Shannon:
Fractured Tears: A struggle for Justice
Passionate Retribution
Smashed: A Savvy Macavoy Story
Unwritten Life

~Writer. Author. Poet. Storyteller~

Amy Shannon

The window to my soul, starts with a blank page.

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