The "MOD LIFE" Epic Saga

The "MOD" stands for "Markum" "O'Roark" "Dix". It is now an Epic Saga.  The entire Saga has been rebranded. The different series have been disbanded and the volumes are all renumbered. The only additional series will be the bonus series. 

Sars Springs, AZ
Sars Springs is a fictional town in Arizona, and the stories of the MOD Life Epic Saga revolve around its residents. Some other towns are also fictional, and a few have real town names (but are in no way real).  Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 

In the Beginning ...The story starts with Alex Garrison (aka Alexis Rossi Garris), who has recently moved to Sars Springs, AZ.  She is recently widowed, and is trying to build a new life for herself. So, that's what she does.

Alex doesn't realize it, but her past always catches up to her. She also doesn't realize that the lives she meets in Sars Springs, have a major effect on her and her future. 

Sars Springs has a deep history, and it is revealed throughout the stories that make up the Epic Saga. Sars Springs is a fictional town in Arizona. It is supposed to be located about 2 hours south of Florence, AZ. It's surrounding towns are Henryville, Afton,  and Middleburg (later rebuilt as Lowville).  A long and winding creek "Salter's Creek" emerges at the base of a waterfall near the town reservoir, weaves through the town, and eventually, flows into Minx River, outside of Henryville.

Alexis Garris is from Pottstown, PA originally. Her "late" husband Matthew Garris is from Florence, as is Jim O'Roark. Terry and Carey Markum grew up in Afton. Mike and Mark Dix are also from Pennsylvania. Randy Harrison and Greg Shapone are originally from Florida.

​Alex settles in Sars Springs and gets a job at Solutions Computer Systems, Inc. Her adventure begins there, and continues with her newfound friends, and some old friends, as well. 

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Unwritten Life

Unwritten Life

Four years ago tragic events changed Alex Garrison’s life forever. She has been running away from it and trying to put the past behind her. She changes her name, moves to a new town, and even starts a new career. Just when she feels that she can move on with her life, her past comes back to haunt her.

Written Life:'s Past Meets Present

It’s over five years later where "Rewritten Life" ended. Alex O’Roark has had her share of problems in the past, but she finally broke when the loss was too much too bear. She is trying to overcome her breakdown. As she tries to move forward, secrets from the past and people from the past show up unexpectedly. 

Another Written Life

Alone and afraid, Alex faces her own mortality. When the sickness she thought was long gone, resurfaces, and refuses to leave, Alex contemplates her future. As her family continues to grow and move on with their lives, she finds herself making peace with the past.

Alex spreads a round of forgiveness to everyone, even those who have hurt her deeply, because of her need for survival. She clings to the life she once had as she struggles to stay alive. 

How will Alex handle her pain and shock when the man she loves betrays her one last time? Will she be able to keep it together when a ghost from the past is revealed? How long will it take her to find herself in the arms of another man and will she ever make it back to her true destiny?

Life's Healer

Life has come full circle ... almost. Dr. Raina O'Roark Reardon has come of age. Sharing a new life with her husband and her triplets, she embarks on the journey of not only healing but of focusing on healing the dead. As mad men try to bottle her infamous powers of feeling the depths of souls, she tries to maintain her family, and careers as both a doctor and a cop. 

Life's Resurrection

Dr. Raina Markum has always had the undeniable powers of not only feeling the dead, but raising the dead. She never thought, though, in a million years, that this one person would rise again and be part of her life again.

As she learns about the history, more and more secrets get revealed. She tries to hid her secret from her family, as she is determined to make amends for her mistakes of the past. 

Life's Depths of Souls

Raina has always felt her depths of souls, little by little. She even learned to control them.
Now, one magical touch from an unlikely source, gives her the power to feel all of them. All the depths come crashing into her body as she begins to feel and heal.

Her new investigation and assignment take her into a totally unexpected direction.

Life's Collision


Focusing on the entire family lives and their fate as their lives intertwine in the small town of Sars Springs.
As a startling motorcycle crash echoes through the town, it affects more lives than just those in the accident. The lives of the Markums and O'Roarks will never be the same as their world is once again driven by tragedy and fate.

Life's Generations



Dr. Raina Markum never in her worst moments could pciture the tradgey and pain that would
be inflicted on her daughter and grandchildren. When the worse possible pain becomes the reality
will the family be bound together or torn apart?

Survival of the children of Sars Springs is the goal for all when the adults become involved in their own private grief and guilt. 

 A New Unwritten Life



Dr. Raina Markum and her husband, Terry, were destined to be together. The love and loyalty they share with each other is timeless. In their new unwritten life, both experience the pain of having to deal with the loss of each other. The time spent by each of them varies and makes them look at their life and the choices they made.

Life's Choices



It's the beginning of the end for Dr. Raina Markum as she finds herself transformed back into a police officer, as well as a new ... unexpected new partner. Together, they investigate the "choice" kidnappings, where several residents of Sars Springs are victims of the "experimenters" ... giving the victim the choice to live or die, but if life is choosen, another must die.

Life's Vengeance



Dr. Raina Markum, deep within her piles of research to find a cure  for an ailing family member, once again, finds herself under the  obsession of Eduardo Cardoza. Feeling older than ever, Terry and Raina struggle on how to be parents to their precocious six-year- old, who has a mind and behavior all her own. As she tries to keep her family together, she learns of more danger, as local murders start to increase and put some of her grand children at risk. 

 Fractured Life



Fire Chief Logan Markum is not only the ultimate hometown hero, but he's also been seemed the sexiest man in Sars Springs. After his lover, Racy, leaves him and Sars Springs, Logan has a lot of self-realizations. He and his family are also dealing with the loss of a close family member. Logan, amidst an inferno disaster, he finds it's easy to put his anger and self interests behind him, in order to stay alive.

Life's  Curative



Alex O’Roark has continually suffered heartbreak at the hands of her husband. When her heart breaks for the final time, she devotes herself to her work. When a request for help comes from an unlikely source, she jumps at the chance to make improvements, in not only his life, but her own. She finally is able to make the decision and realization of what she needs to do with her life … part of that … is taking a chance with a new man.

 Capturing Life's  Midnight



Matthew Garris is trying to come to terms with what he wants out of life when a madman not only takes him, but several other men in Sars Springs. Things are not what they seem when the suspect becomes the victim.

Losses are felt as body parts start appearing all over town and the morgue is identifying them as relatives. 

Life's Jagged Flames



Being stubborn, forgiving, and modest, seems to be trait shared by all the Markums. Mayor Elena Marshall has to not only deal with a betrayal from her husband, but also a verbose stalker, who endangers not only her life but the life of her best friend, Isaiah Dix. Starr Haskell is also the victim of a stalker, but is finally forced to admit it to her husband and brothers.

Life's Raw Enforcement


Two high priority cases hit the desks of the Sars Springs Police department. When Markums are seemingly being hunted, the whole town is on high alert, as the police are scrambling to put together the puzzles of hidden clues.

Life's Retrospective Legacy



Fear and anger spread through the town as the painful pasts because front and center in their minds. A tragic accident adds to Dr. Raina Markum's stress level as she had to care and raise another child. Dealing with her own disability, clues start to unravel as a new face settles down in Sars Springs and is here to stay ... but is he who he says he is?

Life's Tribulations



Life comes with a price. Sometimes it may cost an arm, a leg or even a foot … or just another life. In Sars Springs, there is always a surprise, for good or for bad, at every corner. 
A happy homecoming may be more than Dr. Marcus Markum hoped for, when he finds one son coming home for amends, while another fights for his life on his surgical table.

Life's Rapture



The pains of the still haunt the Markums, as physical and emotional pain overwhelm the mind and body. Reminders of what used to be and what still is can haunt even the strongest man. Afflicted by an ongoing illness, Terry struggles with his health and an unwanted obsession by Dr. Paul Welch. The town gathers for support in a way not ever seen before … truly showing the meaning of community.

Life's  Experimentation



Looks like a new experiment has hit town and this time, the Markums are the target. When the focus surrounds the town’s most feared and hated man, will all other suspects be ignored?

The lab starts filling up with patients, as the Fire Chief continues to be a hero, against his own physical limitations. Will Logan finally succumb to his own injuries and have to retire from his most valued job? Will the strain of his injury cause him to push Mark away, or pull him closer. 

Rewritten Life

Two years after Alex’s stalker was arrested, Alex tries to forget the past and finally commit herself to Jim. However, when an unexpected relative of Matthew’s shows up, the future of Solutions is at stake. Alex uses her relationship with Mark and Mike Dix to cover up a dark secret from her past, as her stalker escapes from prison. 

Life's Written Past

Secrets, lies, loss, and tragedy hit Sars Springs. Alex O’Roark struggles to save everyone she loves as she battles betrayal from those who she loves the most. As she is pushed away by the man she loves, Alex finds solace from an unlikely source. 
When death is within reach of the O’Roark’s, Jim’s mind falters. 

Life Rewritten

Missing in action, Alex finally returns to Sars Springs, however, she has amnesia. Finding her way home leads her back into her destiny’s arms. Tragedy happens within the large family as several loved ones find themselves on death’s door.

A seemingly act of betrayal finds Alex on the opposite side of the law. When she tries to not only rebuild her memories but her entire life, she finds the one person who knows her more than she knows herself.

Things and people are not who they seem … when Alex and family find out that life is rewritten, more than once in a lifetime.

Will Alex be able to restore her memories, even though it means remembering the worse parts of her life? Can Alex handle the truth when she comes face to face with another man from her past who wants her dead?

Life's Hindering  Hope

A horrible tragedy so close to the heart, sends Dr. Raina O'Roark into a catatonic state. After waking, she has to deal with not the just the aftermath of the pain, but how to continue to look forward to the future. When her depths of souls, eat away at her insides and create new feelings, will she be able to interpret what they mean. 

Life's Infiltration

Dr. Raina Markum approaches both life and death the same. Where there is death, there is a new beginning. As Raina works feverishly to cure her patients, she never dreamed she'd be fighting against the inevitable... saving the life of her own son.  

Terry fights his own demons from the past as a miracle appears in his life. Struggling with the long past loss of his family, he finally comes to terms with his painful childhood.

Life's Explosion in Time

Raina has always looked forward to the future. She always knew what she wanted and how to get it. When her disease, comes unexpectedly out of remission, she looks at life in a new light. Wanting to have never been born, Raina runs into traffic.

Her body tries to heal itself, while its mind is slowly faltering backwards in time.Raina relives the moemnts that she was never part of as she sees the truth behind her destined path into Terry's arms.

Life's  Intersection



Dr. Raina Markum and her family find themselves at several intersections. The paths all lead the familyto the hospital, where a madman holds some of the ER at bay with a bomb and a gun. Who followed the path and ended up in the ER and who will be outside to watch it explode? Bombs have exploded in the past and taken lives, which lives will it take this time? 

Return to LIfe



Lost for five years, Dr. Marcus Markum returns home to Sars Springs and his family. Trying to make sense of his feelings and relationships with the living and the dead, his family gathers around him for support. Terry and Raina try one last attempt to save their marriage and the rest of their family.

Life's  Dissolution



In all the history of the Markums, Dr. Raina Markum never thought she would be betrayed by her husband. All of the promises that he ever made, he broke with one ... maybe more than one ... action. After a break from her life, the story begins when Raina returns home to Sars Springs. As she evaluates her life, she decides to make some changes. 

Life's Passions



Dr. Raina Markum has tried to deny and hide her feelings for her ex-husband, Terry Markum. However, when Terry disappears, Raina goes out full force to find him. After she risks her own life to save hers, she is more confused than ever about her current life. Does her heart want Mark or Terry? The story follows the individual passions of each member of Sars Springs, whether it be love, career, family or both. 

Life's Heartful Depths



Terry Markum, police commissioner and owner of Destino restaurant, is married to successful Dr. Raina Markum. Together they have had ups and downs and even four marriages to each other. When Terry is afflicted with severe headaches, a bullet from the past is the culprit. After an intense brain surgery, when Terry wakes up, he is not the same man. He has no memory in head about his life, but his heart feels it all. 

Life's Drowning



The usually level-headed Bill Wheeler falls into a downward spiral ... ending up in a bottle. With his judgement impaired, he hurts those closest to him. The Markums find their own issues when the unsuspected pains from the past, threaten not only their well-being but their own minds and bodies, even those who were once lost.

Thicker Than Life's  Blood



Blood may be thicker than water, but the bonds of friendship can be thicker than blood. Residents of Sars Springs find themselves within crises and when it seems they’re losing their faith, the bond of their friendships makes them stronger than ever. While friendships deep, when relatives square off, things can get out of hand.

Life's ReEvolution



A year ago, the town was shocked by the un-death of three of its former residents, along with the dismemberment and serial killing of residents. The town is still trying to heal from that and move on with their life, but there is still much more from that one fateful underground laboratory. Fear, love, new life, rebuilding, and coming to terms with being alive is the new evolution for the town of Sars Springs.

Life's Rising Depths



Sars Springs has always seen its share of interesting and even evil residents, but when the evil is hidden or even lurking in the shadows, everyone who lives and works in Sars Springs is a possible target.

Life's Deemed Corruption



Dr. Raina Markum has been a constant target for her ex-husband, John Reardon. This time, she’s been accused of murder … the murder of John Reardon. Last year, Reardon’s head was found, with no suspects in sight. This year, somehow, the FBI found the evidence that links Dr. Markum to his murder.

Life's  Torturous Souls



Lurking in the shadows of Sars Springs, an evil exists. Implementing hate with a weapon as the gay men and women become targets. No one is safe once the bat swings and changes lives forever. 

The souls of some are tortured as they try to figure out what they want in life … try to find out who they are … when the answers were there all along.

Does the outward hate turn into themselves or can the greatest of disabilities be overcome? 

Life's Spirituality



There’s a sense of peace in Sars Springs until a new wave of back from the dead residents return. Familiar faces are taking the town by storm, with links to the FBI and the past connections with town residents.
Parents have to focus and worry about their children, both young and old, when they have to face the things that could tear them apart. Not all parents are made the same and it becomes horribly clear when more than one puts a child in danger.

Life's  Retaliation



Terror strikes Sars Springs when children end up missing. The entire town buckles down and searches every inch of the town and the outcome is worse than anyone can imagine.
Xavier faces a near-death situation and he must decide on his own fate. His decisions takes him in the direction of learning more about his family, even those he thought were ashamed of him.

Life's  Redemption



Dr. Marcus Markum has to come to terms with his past, which includes a secret that is about to become part of everyone’s existence. Marcus finds the courage and strength to bring his newly awakened friend back to Sars Springs. Unfortunately, this man was one of the most feared … a serial murder and rapist … but do the citizens have a reason to still worry or can Dr. Tom Larkin redeem himself?

Unwritten Life Paths to Destiny

Prequel to “Unwritten Life” 
Experience the two paths taken that brought them into each other’s arms. 
Alexis’ path begins with her on trial for murder. Live through Alexis’ ordeal as she flashes to memories of her and her first love, Matthew Garris.

Jim’s path begins with his searching for his perfect blonde, perfect woman, his destined angel. Jim’s path intercepts with Alexis Garris, but both are unknown to each other. 

Life's Unwritten Future

Evil still lurks around Sars Springs as a shadow is cast over the lives of its residence. As life gets boring, Alex pursues a new career, not realizing her first case will be a little close to home. Alex struggles with the past, yet again, she and Jim work harder than ever to keep their family safe. Stolen children, multiple deaths, and Jim’s secret from the past all threaten to break apart the bond of the O’Roarks. 

Unwritten Life & Death

Delve deep into the heart of Alex and Jim O’Roark, as well as the strength and courage of their children. As the children of Sars Springs come of age, more lives are affected 
in tragic ways. Those who were awakened with hopes of survival, suffer debilitating side effects, as others never survive at all. Destiny becomes her own as her life events affect all of those who surround her. New love,
new loss, new lives, and new deaths cripple the town of Sars Springs.

“Things are not as always as they seem, remember what you felt? You will save the world one day. This is that day. Remember the love, the pain, and the heart. Most of all, remember the Angel.”

Life's  Binding Ties

Love and life come to surface as Dr. Raina Markum faces her new life with her new family. Raina and her family discover that things really aren't as they seem. As tragedy hits too close to home, will Raina lose her brother for good? When loves feelings are revealed as being so far into the past, will the present be perceived different?


Life's Revival

As the Markums welcome the birth of their daughter, they also feel the deep strain on their marriage. The secrets of Raina's work threaten their solid marriage, as Terry keeps his own secrets of his involvement with his family. As revenge gets put upon Raina, she disappears and then is found as Terry calls in special favors for her return.


Life's Connections

Raina watches as her daughter comes of age. Her support for her daughter is only strengthened by the woman she has become. While Starr suffers a horrendous attack, she becomes like her mother in complete full form. The hardest thing she has to do is to get the men in her family realize that she is grown up.

Raina battles internal pain as she dreams of having another child are diminished by the reality that she can no longer have children. 

Life's Final Destination



When the earth shattering news about the deaths of the unforeseen spread across Sars Springs, each person deals with the news and grief in their own way. Tragedy in this magnitude as never affected Sars Springs as these deaths have.

Will the family find their way and be able to move on or will they allow their grief to overwhelm their lives?

Life's Resolution



Matt O'Roark makes a horrifying discovery at his sister's house. As the news travels around the town, everyone is forced to look at their history and their present lives. Things will never be the same for all the members of the large extended family. Things are definitely not as they seem, and how things are perceived can make a world of difference.

Life's Linear Souls



r. Raina Markum has always had unique powers, that would come and go, but the one power she always had was the ability to feel others. As Raina and Terry get hit by lightening, a strange force combines the couples hidden and known powers. As an accident destroys their home, an old friend still consumes himself with the obsession towards Dr. Raina Markum. 

Life's  Awakening



Dr. Raina Markum and Dr. Martin Welch return to Sars Springs to find that the town is underwater. Not only has a chain reaction caused a flood of the town, several family members have lost their lives or just became homeless. As Raina joins forces with Colonel Mac Helms and the Army, she desperately tries to find those who are deemed as missing, including her son, Logan. 

Life's Quaking Souls



As a terrorizing earthquake hits the town of Sars Springs, three unlikely men join forces to save the town from further death and destruction. As more aftershocks are felt, building and homes crumble, burying most of the town and its residents. Terror and fear are put aside as the survivors fight to find the missing and the dead. Losses of family and friends and the pain felt inside gets put aside, as the focus becomes on rebuilding the town and find the missing. 

Life's   Exploration



The Exploration of oneself in times of tragedy ... the exploration of siblings and the connections to the rest of the family start out when Police Chief James O'Roark is striken down with a heart attack. The family spirals and respirals in and out of control as they react to not only James' illness but when Sars Springs gets hit with a serial rapist, which makes anyone ... any man a direct target. 

Life's Salvation



Carey Markum helps bring an old friend back to Sars Springs in order to save her from her past. As he tries to help her, he finds himself feeling lost and his past … a past that he never shared with anyone, comes back to haunt him.
An epidemic of violence is literally hitting the residents, which have many struggling to deal with the past and the present. 

Life's  Soulful Intentions



As lives are connected, the one thing that links the entire town is it's propensity for violence. Several residents are still dealing with their own grief for a family member that lost his life two years ago and it still affects them with grief and guilt.

Life's  Immortality



Dr. Raina Markum sets her sights on healing those who are sick and beyond sick. As she, herself, is afflicted by an unknown poison, she fears the worse when her husband is kidnapped. She knows deep in her heart, that the culprit is just another demon from her past. The pain in her heart worsens as her little sister, literally trips over a dead for now, Terry Markum.

Life's Inherent Immorality



Terror hits the town of Sars Springs as the demons of the past haunt many residents. Fearful that their own genetics are responsible for who they are and who they don’t want to be, some will go to any length to get rid of who they are inside. 

Life's Passages



Terry Markum is always very protective of his wife, and things get hairier when she is in an accident that disfigures her. As he saves her life, he has to deal with life without her, such as raising her 14-year-old sister.

Things get more interesting when Raina’s brother, Matt, also moves in with the Markums. Matt tries to figure out his own life when he is tired of being lonely. He looks to find a new lease on life when it walks through the door. Life seems complicated enough when young love can be interrupted by obsession.

Life's Revitalizations



The death of a local woman turns the Markum’s world upside down. Secrets that stem so deep from the past makes the Markums question everything. As guilt and regret become major feelings for Terry and Raina, the world’s most wanted man threatens their happiness. Especially when his focus is set upon an unlikely man.

Life's  Fiery Resuscitation



When relationships change, sometimes they are stronger and sometimes, they dissolve. This happens all over the world, but when many couples have struggles in Sars Springs, it can affect the entire town. The inner struggles that many couples have to endure can lead to despair or strength. 

Life's Humanity 



 A multiple killer has put his sights on Dr. Raina Markum and her family, actually the whole town. The first seventy-two hours are the most critical as people struggle to survive especially when there’s nowhere to hide. Only one person can save this town from the evil vengeance, but will she risk her life or the lives of those around her? Say farewell in the most heart-wrenching way to the residents of Sars Springs Arizona.

The District Life: Districtive



While most of the surviving residents of Sars Springs stay in Sars Springs, some residents are forced to move to The 
District as a price for saving their life. The District's Life story begins the transition for some of the residents of Sars Springs to the new city only referred to as the District. Rules, contracts, and requirements are placed on the residents of the town, which is designed based on Sars Springs, Arizona. 

The District, located outside of Washington DC is an extension of a military base that houses armed forces of all branches of the service. The residents must obey and follow the rules of the Director. Survival counts 
on the obeying of the rules but can a town be created with the intention of ruling the lives of its residents?

Especially when some of the residents are forced to live in the District, when all they want is to go home.

The District Life: Disapparent



Something is very wrong in The District. With a new Director in place, mistakes are made. Deadly mistakes. 

A toxic gas enters The District under orders to gain control of the Jefferson clones, but someone has tampered with the gas, and several of its residents are stricken. The District is on lockdown and all of its residents are dealing with the aftermath of a Military retreat. 

The District is in new hands and may be coming to an end. What will President Rothchild do to the current District? And will there be any survivors of the toxic gas?

The District Life: Disarray



Raina and Terry receive an unexpected visitor who is in desperate need of Raina’s help and support. Trey Emerson arrives with a murder warrant hanging over his head 
from a death in Sars Springs. 

Trey’s visit isn’t the only thing that’s unexpected as two patients are revived and forced to make a life for themselves, after learning they are part of the survivors of the massacre in Sars Springs. 

Life is in disarray in the District, especially when the Director is faced with his own demons and comes face-to-face with a man, who could put his position in jeopardy.

The District Life: Disassembled



Dr. Raina Markum and her husband live in the District, a gated town located about 20 miles outside of Washington D.C. The town is run by Director Frances Gage, who believes that he is in total control. The Director is known to abuse his power, but has been trying to influence the man he says he loves, Trey Emerson. Emerson
does not share the Director’s feelings.

When Terry leaves for Sars Springs due to a tragedy that hits his family, Raina is left to fend for herself, but soon finds much needed company.

The town becomes a target of a serial killer, who leaves behind body parts of the patients he steals from the District Medical Center. The power of the Director comes 
to focus as tensions rise in the District. Is the Director behind every issue that the District encounters? Or is there someone more sinister?


65 lifes return home sweet sars springs.jpg

Life's Return: Home Sweet Sars Springs



Years ago, in Sars Springs, there was a town-wide massacre, started by the late mob boss, Enrique Cardoza, and his men. Eighteen of the residents of the town were killed, including Dr. Raina Markum. Dr. Markum was revived by the government, and in order to pay back the debt of giving her back her life, she was forced to live in The District. Some of the victims were revived, and others, remain in a death coma, and some were buried, and their loss mourned. 
Raina’s husband made the choice to live in the District with his wife. Some of the residents of Sars Springs also chose to live in the District, and did for many years. Two months ago, the District was shut down and revitalized, giving the residents the option of returning home or to the District. Most returned home.

Welcome back to Sars Springs, in a new series that focuses on the Markums and their extended family. 

66 lifes return the practice.jpg

Life's Return: The Practice



After they returned home, Dr. Raina Markum was requested by the President of the United States, Avery Rothchild, to open her own practice to keep her patients from the District, and to care for future patients, that may need to be secured. She never dreamed that one of her patients would be the President himself. Dr. Markum partners with Dr. Paul Welch and they open The Practice, which is also run by Trey Emerson.
Paul and Trey are feeling out the start of a relationship, while Paul is dealing with the jealousy of Mark, who was recently revived and came back to be with Logan. The connection of the roommates grow as does their family, while they are still showing Laura and Mark, the art of the roommate-ship.
Meanwhile, Jim does his best to motivate his best friend into fighting for his life again and regaining some of his mobility. Terry does his best to learn how to use his wheelchair, but he aspires to be on his own two feet again.
As the President comes to Sars Springs, a request from the past, haunts Evan as the former Directors both make pleas for assistance with the law firm lawyers. Will the requests cost someone their life or just their freedom?

67 Sars Springs Finale.jpg

Sars Springs: The Finale



Sars Springs, Arizona is no stranger than the typical town, however, its residents, all of them connected in some way or another, bring a flair to its town. The Markum O’Roark Dix “MOD” Life Epic Saga is concluding its long saga, with this final volume 67. Enjoy the final stories of the residents of Sars Springs before they say good-bye for the last time.
   Dr. Raina Markum is elated when the last of her death coma patients is revived, while she also has to help the town figure out the puzzle of the largest crime scene in Sars Springs History. The doctors, coroners, CSU staff and law enforcement join forces to figure out the crimes against persons considered and sold as “medical waste” to a serial killer. That’s not the only story, in this finale, and it’s the chance for readers to say adieu to their favorite residents, and in one case, a final goodbye as one resident takes a final destination to the afterlife.

Perspective Series

Perspective:  Matthew Garris

$1.99 or FREE

The new series of novels are entitled “Perspective” which bring the characters back in time, one at a time and the span of the years from Pennsylvania travels to Sars Springs, will be relived through the eyes of individual characters.

Welcome to Volume 1. This is Matthew’s story.

Perspective:  William "Bill" Wheeler

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The new series of novels are entitled “Perspective” which bring the characters back in time, one at a time and the span of the years from Pennsylvania travels to Sars Springs, will be relived through the eyes of individual characters.

Welcome to Volume 2. This is Bill’s story.

Perspective:  Michael "Mike" Dix

$1.99 or FREE

The new series of novels are entitled “Perspective” which bring the characters back in time, one at a time and the span of the years from Pennsylvania travels to Sars Springs, will be relived through the eyes of individual characters.

Welcome to Volume 3. This is Mike's story.

Take a Step back in time as a new version or alternate version of life is written. A new story that intertwines the lives of the residents of Sars Springs, Arizona.


What if you knew what the future held for you? What if you were able to go back in time and change the past? What decisions in your past affected the life that you led? Could you pinpoint the mistakes that you made and change the wrong into something right? If the end of the life would remain the same, but the life you led to get there would be different, would you live it all over again? If you held secrets in your heart and held them for years, would you go back and reveal your secrets earlier?


In the previous series of novels that revolve around the small town of Sars Springs, Arizona, the characters followed a path that each character wished they had a chance to change. This new series of novels takes one monumental moment and changes the outcome. What will happen to the family when one instance in the past has change? Follow the O’Roarks and their entire extended family on a new alternative path of life. What will change and what will always remain the same because it was destined to happen?

Informational Series
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Sars Springs Handbook


This is the handbook of Sars Springs, AZ. This is a bonus book part of the MOD Life Epic Saga. 

Elena Marshall is a fictional character who lives in the fictional town of Sars Springs, AZ. She is married to Special Agent Hank Marshall of the local division of the FBI. Elena used to be a Special Agent, as well as the Mayor of Sars Springs. Elena is now the city manager for Sars Springs. Elena Marshall is providing the story to Amy Shannon.

This is the story of Sars Springs.

Life's Revelations "The Interview"


Welcome to the town of Sars Springs. Located in the lower part of Arizona, Sars Springs is about two hours south of Florence. Located in Spring County, Sars Springs is a growing town, but only has a little over 3000 residents. 

The "Interviewer" is author Amy Shannon, who wrote the entire MOD Life Epic Saga. This book allows her to "interview" the characters. If read in order, this book is positioned between Life's Firery Resuscitation and Life's Experimentation.

MOD Life Epic Saga Character Guide


This is a complete character guide to the MOD Epic Life Saga. It includes characters from Unwritten Life, all the way to the last book written in the District.

Alternate Series
Destiny ... Rewritten
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Destiny Intertwined
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