The first book I've written as a nonfiction book is a writer's resource and workbook. 

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Depths of Characters: A writer’s resource &

 workbook for character building

First Printing
Amazon Paperback ISBN: 9781077877726
Lulu Paperback ISBN: 978-0-359-79347-1
Release 1 : Paperback -bound Mid September 2019
                   Paperback -coil bound Mid September 2019
                   Paperback - Barnes and Nobel Mid September 2019
Release 2: Paperback September 28 2019
Release 3: Smashwords (ePub), (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook) January 2, 2020

Amy Shannon is an author, Book Reviewer (Amy's Bookshelf Reviews) and co-host of the podcast "The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon." Amy has written over 108 stories and still has more to come. Most of her stories are fictional dramas featuring strong, female characters, though two of her stories have a male protagonist and main character.

Depths of Characters is meant to be a writer's workbook for character development. Inside, this book provides tips, shares experiences, and gives examples that fit the character categories. Categories include, but are not limited to character names, building character profiles, protagonists and antagonist. This book also contains pages for note-taking, and exercises after each section for the writer to complete. 

This book is intended to be a resource, workbook, and writing tool. The end of the book also has a Resource and Reference page. 

This book also includes examples from authors such as McKensie Stewart, Melanie Nowak, and Abdiel Leroy. There are also excerpts from classic literature authors, such as Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Homer, and Dante Alighieri.

"Don’t just write what you know, write what you want to know," -Amy Shannon




Anyone who purchases a workbook, can get a companion book for FREE by following the directions in the conclusion of the book. Purchasers can also request a printable version of the book (PDF file) or a printable version of just the exercises contained in the book.


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