Though I write stories, long, novel-length stories, I still write poetry. Recently, a friend of my suggested that I bundle my poetry into a collection book and publish it. So, I did. My friend and author, Renee Robinson, inspired me, so I wrote a poem for her and dedicated the book to her. She lost her life to Cancer in September of 2014, but this book will always live on in her memory.

Unbroken Souls

ISBN-10: 1500650897
ISBN-13: 978-1500650896

Unbroken Souls is a collection of Poetry by Author Amy Shannon. When I write novels and stories, the thoughts come directly from my mind, my imagination and go straight to paper. The characters are the voices in my head. However, when I write poetry, it comes straight from my soul to paper. There words I write in prose are not thoughts but the only words I can use to describe what is part of me, inside of me.

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This author is blessed to be able to use words with feeling. Her poetry is charged with the essence of her spirit and depth of her soul.It gives a glimpse inside the author while also touching the reader’s senses, feelings and memories. Simply put, her pen is her brush and her poetry are her works of art.

--Renee Robinson

--Review on Amazon.com July 31, 2014

A lovely book of poetry written by Amy Shannon, who is clearly in tune with her inner self. Expressions touch on a myriad of emotions and go right to the core of human nature. Shannon’s poems poems range from what reads like a meditation, in “Breathing” to the view of a closed heart, in “Doubt” to the childlike wonder of being alive in “Here I Am.” Variety and imagery are vivid with depictions on wisdom, wonderment, and reflections. The unexpected and delightful poem on “Hands” where words come off the page, one at a time, stirring the sensuality associated with “unsnapping, caressing, itching,” etc. was especially well done. As I made my way through the movement of words on, emotions, desires, head and heart, friendship, times, lost and lonely, and mother’s day, to name a few, there was an organic resonation that this author is writing from that which she has lived. This is an impressive collection of poetry.

--Paulette Mahurin

--Review on Amazon.com November 9, 2014

"Fight" (For Renee)


Staring at the sky
Light blue covered in white clouds
Slowly it fades to navy
Slowly it turns black
Black haunting the earth
Twinkling stars emerge from their sleep
Blackness still haunting the earth
Forcing the moon to hide
Aiming towards the souls
Taking and draining the lives
Time to fight and beg for light
Hope and faith threaten to fade
Time to fight
Blackness haunting the earth
Blackness draining the soul
Time to fight and beg for light
Time to open our eyes and see
Blackness fades to orange, yellow, and purple

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Tattered Words


ISBN-13: 978-1532782053

Call it poetry, call it thoughts, but whatever it is, I must put it on paper the minute it crosses my mind or it will be lost forever. I sometimes share these random thoughts that cross my mind, and sometimes, I keep them to myself. However, here I am sharing more.

Not a sequel, but more like a continuation of my poetry book “Unbroken Souls”. A natural thought process of creativity, imagination, inspiration and emotions. Some emotions that get shared, and some I keep for myself. I do not always have to feel it, I just have to write it. Welcome to my Tattered Words.

Tattered Words

The words come easy
the feelings come hard

the thoughts run wild
the words flow promptly

writing in my head
to explain the thought

writing in my head
to explain the emotions

words come easy
but drop on paper

like tattered, shattered feelings
slowly writing, one letter at a time

one word at a time
ripping from my head

teetering from within
tattered words

clearly written

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All of my Tomorrows
March 3, 2020
All of my Yesterdays is a collection of my inspirations and how I am affected by many of my reads and listens. Yes, it’s more than just reading the words, but listening to the words, the sounds, the songs, the lyrical melodic tones that tell the story. Whether it is written, told, or even sung, words are inspiring. Gives a new life to my own words, thoughts, and ideas.

All of my Yesterdays

With all that comes from moving forward

To see tomorrow

To move onward

We must look at yesterday

The pain, the pleasure

What reminds us to open our minds gesture

When I fell to my knees

Trying to break free

Holding on to life’s revelry

It was almost taken

With thrusts and force,

And broken hearts

On a mending course

His darkness lingered

Breaking down the light

Almost winning

Not expecting a fight

With tears and screams

Calling upon myself

Pulling out that strength

Tearing the fear of myself

A new life’s meaning

Brightness blinding

Relying on the dim

Heart no longer bleeding

Up I stood and glared

Into the darkness of death

Becoming new

For once, taking faith

Endurance and that one step

One before the other

Sometimes falling

Sometimes embracing another

The Yesterdays of life

Torture the future

Enduring the reminder

Feeling it in my core

Finding a sense of peace

My hope’s mission

Up and down, shaken

My heart’s transition

She was there

In my heart

In my thoughts

Staying, lingering, never to part

Comfort and loos

Faith and believing

The heart beating

The mind thinking

The side of me

My other self

Lost and yet found

Being heartfully stealth

With the torturous memory

For the muscles and brain

For body and soul

To keep sane

Lingering yesterdays

Find comfort with words

With lyrical songs

Deep, disjointed

And absurd

All of my yesterdays

Show where was death

Strangely floating away

My heart, my soul and breath

All of my tomorrows

Come to be

All of my yesterdays

Grab on tight to me

One word

A thought rises

An idea together

Together it improvises


To always be


Setting me free

~Writer. Author. Poet. Storyteller~

Amy Shannon

The window to my soul, starts with a blank page.

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