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Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has started a Facebook and LinkedIn group, inviting anyone who wants to join to create a virtual community that is against Book Bans. There will be different discussions via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Using information gained from The American Library Association,

You can join the campaign and sign the petition at If you do, make sure you also share it on social media.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has a list of Banned Books on its website, and a list of books that will be read and reviewed, that are also books that are banned and challenged. There is another website that Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, dedicated to Banned Books, at

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews dedicates Facebook page is

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews twitter account is @ABSR_amyreviews and the hashtags 
#FReadom #Right2Read #ABSRBannedBooks #stopcensorship #UniteAgainstBookBans 

The list of banned books and where to buy them (along with the genre) is listed on 

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Join our community

Fill out the form below, and you will be given the information about the different social media groups created for this community. As well as other information.


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