This page is dedicated to Indie Authors and Poets around the world. As an Indie author myself, (and poet) and someone who has been published by a POD publishing company and turned to self-publishing since 2004, I find social media and blogs make it easier for publishing and promotion, but there is still a lack of appreciation and acknowledgement for Indie Authors.  I have renamed and expanded the options for the listings to include Indie Poets. When I refer to "poets" I refer to anyone who writes Epic Poetry, poetry, verse, prose and even song-lyrics. 

I use this blog not only for self-promotion of my stories and poetry, and services, but also to

help promote other authors. . Author names will be added to the list and have a link to their

website or social media site.

If you wish to have your name added, along with your social media link, the cost is $2.00

through a Paypal payment.  Enter your Author Name and link to the website above the "buy now" 

button, and then click "buy now" to make your payment. You will receive a confirmation email 

from me when your name and link have been added. Thank you.

Indie Authors & Poets

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