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  • Amy Shannon

SEO: The importance

I thought that my blogs and websites were connected with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but I was wrong. I didn't realize I had to make sure it was set up for all pages within my website or blog. So, what is SEO? It's the creating of a

website's online visibility.

As an author, you are also a brand. It is important to get your brand out there, and be visible. You don't need a lot of social media sites, but at least one or two, including a website or some place fans and readers can go to learn more about your work is helpful. There are many free and paid websites that have great tools for creating a webpage, even if it's just a one-pager to start out with.

If you want to see what others see about you, enter your name in a search engine. Google is your best start, but also don't forget other engines, such as You will see what others find about you. In some cases, you may want to add the word "author" or "writer" to your name, and see what that brings up. I Google "Author Amy Shannon" and "Amy's Bookshelf Reviews".

I use, and it is easy to set up using the tools that it provides. I just went into the editor for each of my sites, and went through the list of pages, editing and updating the SEO information. Make sure that your SEO for your individual page, has a title, and it includes keywords. Also, make sure it has a description. The first time I did it, I used the SEO wizard that provides, and was able to make my updates. Keywords are also important. You want your site linked to keyword in a search, and those keywords must be also linked to your page.

If you have questions on SEO, you should be able to get the information for your website via its help menu or message forum. You want your brand to be visible, so make sure your SEO settings are accurate.

I'll be writing more posts on websites and social media to get your brand soon.

If you have any questions about any of the topics I've been writing about, contact me at

I support Indie Authors.


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