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Jasper and his Furry Friends by Michelle Holland

Join in the fun, naughtiness and adventures of Jasper and his furry friends! Their antics with make you laugh out loud and warm your heart. Photo’s galore throughout the book. The perfect story for children and adults alike.

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Cold Betrayal by AJ Mcarthy

Trapped in a wintry setting and followed by two men determined to kill her, Victoria Anderson searches for someone who doesn’t want to be found. She drove the length of the east coast in a quest to find Danny Wilcox, intending to convince him to return to Florida with her. The drug lord, the most wanted criminal in the Province of Quebec, has other plans.

Tori is nothing if not loyal. She unflaggingly defends Danny and refuses to believe he’d harm her, despite several attempts on her life. Others befriend her, even as they covertly advance their own agendas. Tori’s devotion in tested at every turn, not knowing who she can trust, or the consequences of her ultimate decision.
Cold Betrayal is a story about love, loyalty, and difficult choices, as Victoria struggles to survive in a beautiful and deadly setting against unexpected adversaries.

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he adventures of Bella & Emily revisited week 3 by Michelle Holland

This is the long awaited fifth book in the series of The adventures of Bella & Emily. Emily’s third and final week assisting Aunty Pam at her Rescue Centre in Devon. Another week full of many surprises. Could there be another rescue mission on the cards? Perhaps a talking donkey? Can Aunty Pam and Specks finally bond with Emily's help? There will be thrills and spills with the numerous rescue animals. Will Emily’s fundraising efforts reach new heights? 

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A Thousand Mothers by Brenda Marie Webb

In December 1942, the Nazis deport Perl Kaczlowicz from the Plonsk ghetto in Poland and send her to Ravensbruck, the infamous female concentration camp. She says good-bye to her husband that fateful morning not knowing that she is expecting their first child, or that she will never see him again.While imprisoned at the camp, she meets Helene Dvorak and other extraordinary women who risk their lives to save her and her baby from the brutality and unimaginable cruelty surrounding them. The women bond together to form friendships and lasting ties that endure through the horrors of the holocaust and long after liberation.From the hell of Ravensbruck to Montreal and Savanah, A Thousand Mothers tells the story of the resilient spirit of women and the astounding power of loyalty, courage, and love during the darkest days of the twentieth century.

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The adventures of Bella & Emily continued by Michelle Holland

Bella, Emily and Snowy are back in Sussex after three glorious weeks at Aunty Pam’s Rescue Centre in Devon. Emily is anxiously awaiting her exam results and learning to drive. Will Emily’s family manage to complete the challenges ahead of them? Bella makes new friends and proves she is an accomplished rescuer herself, whilst Snowy finds a new friend. What other adventures await Bella & Emily this time? 

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Sorrowfish by Anne C. Miles

A bard. A wizard...and a college student from Kentucky.

Sara Moore is having crazy dreams. Gryphon and dragon crazy. The scary part? Waking up, with scratches and splinters. Is she losing it because of stress? Her twin sister is in a coma. One more unfinished sculpture will fully tank her grades. Goodbye bachelor's degree, hello failure. 

It's enough to make anyone sleepwalk.

Choosing to defy the Conclave, Trystan risks capture and mind control to find a magical lute through a shadow network. Dane meets a sinister stranger and barely escapes with his life. Together, guided by a fae only known as Sara, they will end an ancient curse …or die trying.

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The adventures of Bella & Emily Devon revisited week2 by Michelle Holland

Emily is thirteen years old when she falls in love with a New Forest rescue pony called Bella. Emily discovers she is a bit of a horse whisperer herself. The two of them go on numerous adventures and pony rescue missions. There is laughter and tears along the way and throughout the series of six books you watch Emily develop into an amazing and caring lady. She and Bella spend four weeks at her Aunty's rescue centre in Devon and Emily's horse skills continue to thrive. Emily finds she has a talent for fundraising too and organises events to help financially secure her Aunty's rescue centre.

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Mann in the Crossfire by R Weir

Is this the end for PI Jarvis Mann?
A surprising murder of an associate sends Jarvis on a trip to San Diego to investigate a trail of clues direct him to a gang member who wants him eliminated. 
While a local detective agency is hot on his tail with nefarious plans of their own, Battered and beaten, Jarvis battles to forge on, tracking the evidence
Directing him to a dangerous discovery that he may not be able to fight his way out of, desperate for backup, with nowhere else to turn, He enlists lethal foes to render essential aid. 
Will these illicit associations spell the end of his career and possibly his life…
For Jarvis is truly a Mann in the Crossfire.

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Blood Rebirth by S.M. McCoy

A Blood War prophesy. A darkness growing inside her. Can she find the seven powers before the trial grounds are lost forever?
The Oracle's powers need a new vessel and everyone wants the talisman that will give it to them instead of the prophesied successor. In a race against time, Crystal must train herself to survive the trial grounds deep within the underworld and find the seven powers to obtain the talisman before anyone else; or it won't be just her soul at risk, but the whole supernatural realm as she knew it. The war between good and evil rests in the hands of a novice all while she battles her inner demons confused between following her heart or her mind, saving herself or everyone else.

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Just Desserts by Nancy Derosa

In Just Desserts we find Emma Craven’s life has become more complicated and difficult to navigate. She’s student teaching and working at her husband Gary Parker’s restaurant, The Green Spruce Grill. An unexpected pregnancy has Emma’s head whirling, and she can’t keep up with all the responsibilities she now has in her life. She begins to resent Gary, as his life won’t change, while Emma fears she will have to shelve teaching for the time being because she’s about to become a mother. Her relationship with Gary’s family begins to unravel even further and, for the first time, Emma takes some responsibility for the problems and misunderstandings she has with others. She dislikes her mother’s new boyfriend Hal and when she catches him out with another woman, she’s torn about whether or not to tell her mother, afraid to break her already fragile heart…

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The Cherries by D B Carter

When they have broken you, when you have been humiliated, bullied, deserted and destitute, can you find a place where you may dare to be happy?
Susan travels with her mother, escaping a life of heartbreak and poverty in the city, to live with their one remaining friend in a small rural village.
At twenty Susan is still bound by the trauma of her youth, but starts to blossom into womanhood, thanks to the tender encouragement of Luke, the eccentric occupant of ‘The Cherries’, who lives surrounded by books and art. It is a journey of tears and laughter, helping to heal mind and spirit.
But can the past ever be truly behind you?
Feeling safe and secure at last, mother and daughter nurture artistic talents that they had long since thought worthless, and their lives take directions they could never have imagined.

Yet, amongst the kindness and love in their new community, there lies hidden grief and a long-suppressed secret that must come to light. Something that might force Susan to another life beyond the confines of the village.


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The End of Echoes by Dawn Homser

Two families, forever linked by tragedy. 

Ruby Dunkin is in an abusive marriage. Her best efforts aren't enough to shield her two children from an abusive father whose cruelty knows no bounds. Their volatile situation ends in tragedy when Ruby's eldest son, Billy is torn away from everything he loves. Consumed by hatred and self-loathing Billy becomes the thing he hates the most—his father. 
Chelsea Wyatt, a senior in high school, goes missing after work one night, never to return. Her parents are devastated, only knowing this kind of tragedy from the news. Crimes like this are unheard of in their quiet, midwestern town. Consumed by the tragic fate of their friend, family member and neighbor, their lives and futures are forever altered.
For over eighteen years, no one knows the connection between Ruby Dunkin and Chelsea Wyatt. A journey through time reveals the common thread stitching their heartbreak together. Yesterday echoes throughout each character's life as they decide how, and if, they will break the chains of the past. 

Will they continue to leave a legacy of pain and loss for future generations? Will they break the cycles of abuse that have destroyed so many lives?

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Murder by Misdirection by Debra Snow

A magician booked for murder. His detective daughter on the case. Are his cries of innocence all smoke and mirrors? 
Prophecy “Pro” Thompson is a female African-American, NYPD homicide detective investigating a murder at a magic store. At the crime scene is a suspect: Max Martin aka Max Marvell, Las Vegas magician and Pro’s biological father, who walked out years earlier. 
Things become tricky for Pro, when Max uses his prestidigitation to involve himself in the case as well as romance his ex-wife, Pro’s mother. She also meets security officer, Luther Ardoin who makes her wonder if he could be ‘the one’ to fill her lonely life?
With the clock ticking and the body count rising, can Pro pull back the curtains to unmask the killer?
If you enjoy a strong female protagonist, and a story mixed with crime, romance and comedy, you will love Debra Snow’s first novel.. 

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Marked for Revenge: An Art Heist Thriller by Jennifer S. Alderson

An adrenaline-fueled adventure set in the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, and Turkey about stolen art, the mafia, and a father’s vengeance.

When researcher Zelda Richardson begins working at a local museum, she doesn’t expect to get entangled with an art theft, knocked unconscious by a forger, threatened by the mob, or stalked by drug dealers.

To make matters worse, a Croatian gangster is convinced Zelda knows where a cache of recently pilfered paintings is. She must track down an international gang of art thieves and recover the stolen artwork in order to save those she loves most.

The trouble is, Zelda doesn’t know where to look. Teaming up with art detective Vincent de Graaf may be her only hope at salvation.

The trail of clues leads Zelda and Vincent on a pulse-pounding race across Europe to a dramatic showdown in Turkey that may cost them their lives.

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White Oaks by Jill Hand

Aimee Trapnell reluctantly leaves her apartment on Manhattan’s Central Park West to return to her childhood home in Georgia for her father’s ninetieth birthday. Also on hand are her two brothers, wily Marsh and ne’er-do-well Trainor. With a forty-billion-dollar inheritance at stake, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make the old man happy.
To their shock they learn that what their father wants for his birthday is to kill someone. He doesn’t care who it is. He just wants to know what it’s like to commit murder.
Betrayal, double-dealing, and fast-paced action set the Trapnells on a collision course with an unexpected villain. Their journey takes them from the swamps of Georgia, to Italy’s glittering Amalfi coast, to rugged Yellowstone National Park

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Heart of a Warrior Angel by Lali A Love

Lilac Noble must face the traumatic experiences of her childhood before she can conquer the dark entities that have wreaked havoc on her family. On this epic journey, Lilac undergoes the destructive process of spiritual enlightenment in order to lift the veil of darkness and shame that has obscured her youth. As Lilac unlocks painful memories of abuse, suppressed in her subconscious from years of fear-based conditioning, she uncovers menacing secrets feeding the evil within her generational bloodline. In an attempt to vanquish the sinister energies, Lilac finds the courage to discover her inner truth, vulnerability, and authenticity, as she awakens her divine light and overcomes her debilitating fears of the past. Lilac's unconditional love for her family guides her through her process of healing and transformation, fuelling her instinct for survival and her burning desire to illuminate the world.

Spanning two continents and three generations, this inspirational novel portrays the best and worst of humanity and shows how the "tiniest spark of light can overcome the darkness of any magnitude," through forgiveness, compassion, and the most powerful force in the universe – Love.  

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Birth of Magic by Carol Beth Anderson

“You belong to me. You’ll regret ever thinking you could get away.”

Fifteen-year-old Kari is the oldest of ten children. When their father abandons them and their mother dies, Kari must care for them all. Overwhelmed, she flees to a nearby city.

Desperation and hunger drive Kari to the only work available—at a brothel run by Roza and Yolin, a cruel madam and her husband. There, Kari forges bonds with another woman and a young handyman. But friendship and fine dresses can’t veil the despair of her grim new life.

Knowing Yolin’s savagery toward runaways, Kari doesn’t dare escape—until an unexpected pregnancy compels her to try. She hides in the forest, where a mysterious magical force shields her from Yolin’s pursuit.

When she’s most vulnerable, Kari’s supernatural protection disappears. Yolin attacks, and she must fight for her life, her dignity, and her child.

But Roza and Yolin are ruthless manipulators. And all Kari’s furious strength may not be enough to defeat them.

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Blood Crescent by S.M. McCoy

A missing mother. A magical birthright. Can she uncover the secrets of her family legacy before the bloodline runs dry? 

My name is Crystal Dylan, and I was born with the worst super power ever, a lightning rod for supernatural energy that attracts vampires like cat nip to feed from. Nothing like being an all you can eat buffet, until one decided to “save” me from that fate by triggering my transition into the very thing killing me.

Considering that was the least of my problems, I have a Council looking to eliminate all anomalies threatening to expose them to the human world, it just so happens that I’m one of them, and so is my best friend Victor. I won’t go down without some answers, including what they did with my mom.

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Spider's Web by Shanon Condon

Over three years have passed since Maggie’s near fatal injury. She is restless running the team’s special ops missions from the safety of the Grid. No sooner does she re-enter the real world when her past finds her. In an instant, Maggie’s life is forever changed. Unsure who to trust, Maggie tries to navigate her new reality. Will she be able to choose her future, or will she remain trapped in the web of enemies she created? 

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Forgotten Storm by A.R. Avagnett

Blues singer Nicole Giordano is terrified of a past she can’t remember. She moves from town to town, always looking over her shoulder. Her only comfort is the beautiful and sexy Logan Moretti who haunts her dreams, claiming to be her Guardian and guiding her every move.
But when Logan suddenly appears on her doorstep, it triggers an explosion of suppressed memories. Her mother’s hatred, her father’s abuse, the existence of other species, and her ultimate destiny—a prophecy foretold hundreds of years ago.
With the help of their friends, Nicole and Logan fight to stay hidden until the time comes to face her greatest fear—and their raging desire.

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