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I was an author, writer, an am a book reviewer, and I also have a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in English and a Master's of Arts Degree in Adult Education and Training, and my Master's of Business Administration with Accounting Degree. I offer editing, proofreading and formatting services. I have editing experience in academics and technical writing, and fiction and non-fiction work. I will edit any content.

Just a note that any manuscripts or documents sent, will be confidential. I will not disclose any or all of the content that I read or edit. After the author sends confirmation that he/she has gotten the final product, the document will be deleted, and the printed version, shredded.

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Editing Services


Editing services include academic papers (APA or MLA format), professional documents, résumés, manuscripts, or any other type of document. Editing services can also include document formatting for publishers such as Kindle (amazon), Smashwords, or Amazon Print.

Price estimates based on number of pages (1.20 spaced), with a font of Times New Roman. 
**When necessary will work within author's editing budget.


Below there are different editing processes. You can select all of them, or just one of them. I am also accepting new clients for exclusive editing. 

Editing Process: (per page, 50,000 words or less)

1: Content editing ($2 per page)
2: Copyediting: Language, grammar, punctuation ($1 per page)
3: Editorial Feedback: Final draft of the book, proofreading to check for typos and formatting issues (Flat Rate: $75.00)

3 weeks (or less) per process



Editing Process: (per page, 50,001 words to 100,000 words)

1: Content editing ($3 per page)
2: Copyediting: Language, grammar, punctuation ($2 per page)
3: Editorial Feedback: Final draft of the book, proofreading to check for typos and formatting issues (Flat Rate: $75.00)

4 weeks (or less) per process



Editing Process: (per page, 100,000 words or more) 

1: Content editing (Flat Rate: 500.00)
2: Copyediting: Language, grammar, punctuation (Flat Rate: 200.00)
3: Editorial Feedback: Final draft of the book, proofreading to check for typos and formatting issues (Flat Rate: $100.00)

6 - 8 weeks per process

Editorial Feedback
After the editing is completed and the file is given back to the author, the author has the option, after making whatever corrections, to send the book back for a complete read through and final edit. (all books will also get a review to be posted on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews when the book is released.)

My process:

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page, and add to subject line "Editing Services"
Give me a basic detail of your book, page count (and half pages still count as full, blanks do not), and word count. We can discuss either through email, or virtually using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or even Facebook Messenger Video.

I will respond for more information within 48 hours (usually sooner depending on the day and time (I'm EST)). After that we can communicate via email, virtual meetings, or both. I will even give you a sample of my editing, so you can send me a chapter or two, and I'll be glad to edit for you for free.

Payment: PayPal Invoice, CashApp, or Direct PayPal (I'll provide my link).

Half payment is due up front, the rest when the first editing process is complete. 

The price based on your document will be sent, and payment instructions as well, as well as time frame for when it will be completed . Once payment has been accepted, the document will be printed out on paper, and I will read it, and provide (written) and  go through the process or processes above that the author has chosen. Once I am finished, I will scan the document back to the computer and upload it to a Google Drive, and give the author access to their folder. I will send notes to the author when I have uploaded the chapters (I do it chapter by chapter.)

Formatting Services:

Formats documents to meet requirements for Smashwords, Lulu.com, Kindle or KDP Paperback, Hardcover or Amazon Vella (short episodic stories), 50 US dollars per documents up to 50,000 words, 75 US dollars for documents 50,001 or more words. (If you wish to have formatting added to your final editing, it is an extra $30.)

Formatting services can also be based on what the author affords.

Social Media Consultation: A visual review of author's social media sites and branding

*Amazon Author Page

*Goodreads Author Profile

*Facebook Author/Book Page

*Twitter Profile


*(Up to 3) Other sites not listed

​Recommendations for improvement

Instructions on how to update, create improvements or additions.

$10 US per social media or website.

Use the contact me form and type in "social media consult" and in the message let me know what type of review you are looking for.

Simple Marketing Plan:

If you need a simple marketing plan for your title, before deciding what to do next, it's only $20 per book. Use the Contact me form and type in Marketing Plan. 

If you have any questions about any of my services, use the contact me form, and just ask. (I offer promotions and blog tours at my new business Genesis Literary Promotions prices to fit any author's budget).  January 1 2022, Genesis Social Media Managment goes live, and will start taking on clients.

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Tell me what service you want, or just ask some questions. I'll respond within 48 hours. We can do a consultation, or I can just give you an estimate. 

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