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Extra-Legacy Authors

There is a reason there are "legacy" authors. I used to refer to them as repeat authors, but indeed they are legacy authors. The "Extra" Legacy Authors, are authors who have had Amy's Bookshelf Reviews read at least 10 or more of their books. There are four categories,
ABSR 50 Plus, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

ABSR 50+ Legacy Author (50 + Books Reviewed)

Legacy Authors Gold 50 plus.png

Gold Legacy Author (30 Books Reviewed)

gold legacy Author.png

Ted Tayler (30)

Silver Legacy Author (20 Books Reviewed)

Silver legacy Author.png

Abdiel Leroy
T L Travis
Maria Yiangou 

Bronze Legacy Author (10 Books Reviewed)

Bronze legacy Author.png

Isobel Blackthorn 
Kathryn Hearst 
Michelle Holland 
Bryan Way 
Gerald Darnell
Christie Valentine Powell
Sally Lee Baker

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