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Amy's Bookshelf Reviews was established in 2014.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews reviews book titles from most genres from ANY author, as long as the policies and rules are followed.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is more than just reviews, but has features that can enhance an author's experience or review. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is not just a review service, it's a review service that has been in business since 2014, and accepts most genres (with a few minor exceptions if the book promotes hatred of any kind). It is also a service that also helps authors find their way when they need assistance, and they can also use this site for promotion, not just with the reviews, but the top 10 books, the top 20 authors, featured book of the month, and new website features the promote Poets, Children and Young adult authors, and True Crime books. (And there may be more to come...)

Please read all instructions carefully. 

For more details and information (including biography) about Amy Shannon (owner of Amy's Bookshelf Reviews & Essence Publishing), click on the Amy Shannon page of this blog. For the list of my other sites, including social media, click on the Amy Shannon Navigation Menu.

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