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Welcome To Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. 

I write unbiased and honest reviews for ANY book, ANY genre, and ANY

author that are my OPINION of what I have read. I am honored to read

your work, so feel free to share with me. All I ask is that all authors follow

my policies and procedures. 

Established in 2014, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is proudly celebrating its

6th year.

Please read all instructions carefully. 

For more details and information (including biography) about me, click

on the Amy Shannon page of this blog. For the list of my other sites,

including social media, click on the Amy Shannon Navigation Menu.


There are four different lists of books to be read and reviewed. Authors

can keep track of their title's position. Authors can also donate to move

their title to another bookshelf (see request page for more details).


New-to-site requests will be placed on the bottom of the PRIMARY BOOKSHELF. 

However, a donation can be made in order to move to another shelf. See the requests page for more details. 

Bookshelf Features:

Click on the Bookshelf Features navigation at the top of the page. A sub-menu, which includes 5-Star Reviews, Featured Authors (author interviews), Top 10 Books of the Year, and Top 20 authors of the year, and even a section that displays book covers that I consider to be outstanding for many reasons, or just one. 


I DON'T WRITE REVIEWS  TO  GET SOMETHING IN RETURN. However, If someone wants to read my work, I gladly welcome it. If you want to read my work to write a review, let me know, and I'll provide a copy of whatever book you are interested in. 

Gratuity / Donation

I do NOT charge any FEES for reviews. However, I will accept gratuities as a thank you. Sometimes I will be given a gift card for amazon as a thank you, and other times it is in the form of another type of gift (I.E signed paperback copy, etc ...). When I get a gift card, I usually save it and then use it to purchase another book, such as one that an author has requested, but it's a digital copy and "unverified" copy. (Amazon has rules of purchase for verified and verified purchases for reviews, and I follow all those). IF YOU SEND AN AMAZON GIFT CARD, IT MUST BE FROM THE U.S. SITE OR I CAN'T REDEEM IT.

With this in mind, I have set up a "DONATION" (optional only), where if anyone wishes to donate any amount of money over 1.00, these funds will be transitioned to an Amazon gift card, so I can purchase author books that would other wise be "Unverified" purchase reviews. Donation icons are on the top of this page and on the HOME page. Authors refer to this as paying it forward.

I will start from the top of my list and work my way down depending on the funds that come in. This is to help other authors who can't or don't want to supply a "purchased" copy of their book (whether as a gift or a FREE promotional book).



Amy's Bookshelf Reviews does not participate in promotions or tours, but my Author Blog does. I've updated my FAQ (and #14 explains my new policy in detail)


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Book Sites, Blogs, & Radio

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Copyright © 2014 - 2020 Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. United States of America. Proudly created with All Rights Reserved.


Blog Established in 2014


Last Updated 2018. Everything published on this blog is the unbiased and honest opinion of the blogger, Amy Shannon. 

PRIVACY NOTIFICATION: Amy 's Bookshelf Reviews will NEVER share or sell the books that are provided to this blog for reading and review purposes. In some cases, lines may be "quoted" in the review. All files provided to Amy's Bookshelf Reviews are confidential and kept in a digital and encrypted file and will not be shared with any one for any reason. Any information that is asked to NOT be revealed is kept secret (such as real names of authors) as this site only uses the PEN NAMES for the authors (only is it the real name if the author intends to use their real name on their titles). Any questions or comments regarding this policy can be directed to Amy Shannon, owner of the Amy's Bookshelf Review Blog.

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