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legacy authors!

Here is a complete list of authors that I have read and  reviewed their work (all authors, including unsolicited). Whenever possible, I have included a link their websites or blog sites.  Author Representatives have been moved to their own list HERE. (Alphabetized by last name).

Once an author has submitted a request for a second title's review, the author automatically becomes a legacy author. Legacy Authors can request a Legacy Author Badge.

This page has been recreated and updated as of August 7 2021. All websites were validated. If there are websites or links that I don't have, please let me know.

Legacy authors may “purchase” a Premiere Legacy Author package, where their titles (unless they have an upcoming release date) will appear on this bookshelf. (One-time donation of $200) These authors will get a Premiere Legacy Author’s badge, and their files updated with the new information.