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The Margin of Error War: America is Losing the War It ... by Richard Spitzer

The Margin of Error War: America is Losing the War It Doesn’t Even Know It Started

4 Stars

Interesting topic

This book was definitely an interesting read, as it breaches the topics of politics, economics and the looming Cyberware. The story is fictional, however it is filled with different analysis and the margin of error. This book is separated in different parts, and it gives the reader a lot to think about. Spitzer adds his hypothesis and gives information based on factual events. He writes, "Think of the current cyber information/political/economic war as a three round championship fight. Round 1 was a 50-year event that ended with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Round 2 has already started and will last until November 8, 2020. Will it be the decisive round? Will one combatant win by a knockout, a decision or will it be a draw? Will there be a round 3?" The reader doesn't have to agree, but it does give a new perspective on what is or could happen around us.


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