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Verses Versus Empire Series by Abdiel Leroy

5 Stars

Prolific Series from LeRoy

I am a very big fan of the prolific works of Leroy, and am honored to read any of his writings. First, I like the way he tells a story, his words dancing around the page so lyrically that a story emerges. I read all three in this collection -- Bush era, Obama era, and the Trump era. Each collection brings an important event in history to light, and seen in a new perspective. I recommend reading this series, each one, from title to end, as everything that LeRoy puts on paper should be written (and when it goes on audiobook, I will definitely listen). I read out of order, but it doesn't matter. LeRoy's words paint a remarkable picture, and his thoughts flow like the poetry they are. His VERSES VERSUS EMPIRE series shares his unique perspective on politics. Politics is a ever a controversial topic, especially these days, when words can be the friend or enemy of the politician.

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