1. Gerald Darnell​

  2. Joann Keder

  3. Michelle Holland

  4. Chantelle Atkins​

  5. Jennifer S. Alderson​

  6. Ted Tayler 

  7. Will Mayo​

  8. Lali A. Love

  9. Jeanine Kitchel

  10. Cy Stein

  11. Ruthie Davis

  12. Joel Bresler

  13. Bil Richardson

  14. T K Ware

  15. Isobel Blackthorn

  16. Ken Kuhlken

  17. McKensie Stewart

  18. James Musgrave

  19. *

  20. *

Top 20 Author's Badge

If you are a top 20 author and want a copy of this badge for your website, let me know and I will send it in the image format you need (bmp, pdf, jpg, png, etc)

Top 20




  1. Kate Rigby​

  2. Matthew C. Woodruff​

  3. Arjay Lewis

  4. K.M. Breakey​

  5. Gerald Darnell​

  6. Kate Mahoney-Veitch​

  7. Paul Backalenick

  8. Leah Moyes

  9. Wes Markin

  10. T.K. Falco​

  11. TL Clark​

  12. Abdiel LeRoy​

  13. P. S. Nicholls​

  14. John A. Autero

  15. Michelle Holland​

  16. JW Robitaille​

  17. John Heldt​

  18. Philip Nork​

  19. Arshad Ahsanuddin

  20. Valeria Lopes​

Previous year's

#1 Author

2018:  Will Mayo

2017: Ted Tayler

2016:  R Weir

2015:  Tara Thorn

2014:  Nick Stephenson



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