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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what I do, how I do it and who I do it for, as well as some answers to the most asked questions by authors.

Updated 3/2022


How do I request a review?

  • If you are new to this review blog, you can fill out a form on the Requests & Policies Page.

  • If you are a Legacy author (meaning I've read your work before), you can email me directly with your latest book (digital and print copies accepted).

  • All Authors, new or Legacy, will get a spreadsheet to fill out. I want to make sure I always have the most updated information.

  • Please read the guidelines on the Requests and Policies page, and make sure you fill out the correct form.

  • ​My review policies are subject to change and exceptions, so read the policy carefully, and even if you are a repeat author, read it before submitting a new request. I always add the last updated date at the top of the page. There is also a PDF that can be downloaded, which is always up to date, with my review policies and procedures.


Where do you Post your reviews?

I post my reviews on the following sites:

  • The review is posted on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews website.

  • From the website post, it is shared on 2 Facebook pages. 

  • From the website post, it is shared on 2 Twitter accounts (amyshan_72 #ABSR & @ABSR_amyreviews)

  •  From the website post, it is shared on LinkedIn

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on

  • Posted on audiobook ( for either redemption code or cost of the book)

​Updated Posting Sites: 01/07/2022

  • If the book is listed on the publisher's website, and there is a place for a review or comment area, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will post there as well, however, there is a small cost. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will post on the following sites, for the cost of $5.00 extra per site unless otherwise specified:

    • NetGalley

    • BookSirens

    • Google Books

    • Pinterest

    • Smashwords (Cost of Book or use Redemption Code).


Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has accounts for all of these sites.

I follow all the rules on each site where I can post a review. Smashwords requires a purchase. Amazon does not but has a rule for reviewing unverified purchases (5 per week) and unlimited for verified purchases. If you have a request for another site not listed, let me know by entering it into the spreadsheet or put it in an email. Barnes and Noble sends an email for confirmation of the review.

What format do you accept book titles or ARC?


An ARC means Advanced (or Author) Review Copy of the book.

​                    Digital formats:

  • PDF

  • Audio

  • email-to-kindle

  • Kindle Purchase

  • Bookfunnel, Net Galley and Prolific Works downloads are also acceptable

If you wish to send a print copy to me, I will provide the address when requested. 

​I also accept donations via PayPal, Cash App, or (US) Gift card, and when books are published in that method, the purchase is listed as verified on

Upload the PDF version of your book with only its title for its name to the following link: (after you have been instructed to do so).

After the book has been read, the book will be removed for author's confidentiality and privacy.  If you have uploaded the file, send an email with all the information. If you are sending a cover, please upload it with the name of the title, without the leading article (A, An, The), it can only be a jpg, png or bmp. (no PDFS for images, please) to the following link:

After the book has been read, the cover will be removed for author's confidentiality and privacy. Only authors or author representatives and Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will have access to these folders. These links are also on Amy’s Library, using the appropriate Google Icon.



What is the FEE for the Review?


  • All my reviews are done FREE of charge, and I only require that I receive a FREE ARC. However, there are other options for reviews (see next question).

  • ​There is a "donation" or "gratuity" option that allows authors to donate to an account that I use ONLY for purchasing other author's books on amazon so they can be listed as verified copies, as there is an unlimited number of reviews that can be posted for verified purchases on amazon.

  • There also "donation" options for positions on the bookshelves or for express releases or priority reviews. See Requests and Policies page for more details. 


Do you do review or purchase swaps?


As an author, I could always use reviews, but I don't do swaps. If an author that I do a review for, wants to read my work, and write a review, I will welcome it. Review swaps usually have a stipulation for both reviews to be good reviews, but I don't agree to what type of review I will do, and I expected all reviews of my work are also honest and unbiased. All reviews I post are honest and unbiased. Swaps are not allowed on amazon, so any offer to review a book of mine would be considered a thank you, and the reader is not under any obligation to write a review.


Do you review a specific genre?


As a former author, poet, and storyteller.  I know how important reviews are. I review books with MOST genres (I've written reviews for children's books, self-help, thrillers, erotica, paranormals ... you name it, I read, and it review it). I am just offering other authors the opportunity to get an unbiased review.


Do you respond to all requests?


I respond to all emails and review requests that I get within 48 hours, so if you send me a note, expect a response. I also let the author that the review is finished, and where it is posted. If for some reason, I do not respond in that time, feel free to contact me again.

Do you ever help promote an author's work?


  • On this blog, I post my book reviews and I had a featured author section, and the author interviews which was moved to my other blog.

  • Also, I own and operate an author promotion business, Genesis Literary Promotions, which offers many different promotional and blog tour packages (and customized as well).

  • I am now a literary consultant where I can help authors (especially new authors) through the publishing process, and create a marketing plan.




Are all your reviews solicited from other authors?

No. Where all my reviews are unbiased, I also read for entertainment and if I love the book, I will write a review on the site where I bought it, as well as post it here on my blog.

​I also get requests from publicists, editors, publishing companies, and other author representatives. (Legacy Friends)


What is your review rating system?


My system is the same as most sites:

  • 5 Stars: (Exceptional or Excellent Read) I loved it and would read it again.  A book that could not be put down! Strong characters, intriguing and entertaining plot, well-written and a writing style that fits the story.

  • 4 Stars: (Great/Grand Read). I loved the book and highly recommend it. Good characters, great plot, well-written, and grand writing style)

  • 3 Stars: (Good Read). I liked the book and most of the story plots were enjoyable. Characters may need more depth, plot may have some pitfalls, well put together story, and good writing style).


Anything less than 3 stars would not be posted. If I do not like a book, I will inform the author that I cannot review the book. I do not post bad reviews.


​Some criteria for each star rating may vary depending on the genre of the book.


Do authors ever request other reviews?


Yes, I am requested to reviews for "Legacy" authors all of the time. Here is a complete list of authors that I've received requests from and have reviewed their work. I also link the author's website to his/her name. I keep track of all authors I review for, and have a database for my personal use. All authors' names are on the list, including those I've read for entertainment or research. 

How will I know when my review has been posted?


After I finish reading the book, I immediately write my review. The review gets posted when it is the proper time for it to be posted. It is then posted to the sites (listed above). I send an email to the author with a copy of the review the sites it has been posted on, and the direct link to the review on my blog. 



What is your review turnaround time?


The turnaround time may vary depending how many books that I have to review, and of course, how long the books are. If I had a pile of children's books, it may be less time than a pile of full-length novels. I also have my own projects, so the time varies. All accepted titles will be reviewed.


​All the titles of books that I have yet to review are listed on my Amy's Library page.

Authors can keep track of their title's position on the bookshelves

  • VIP-IMMEDIATE BOOKSHELF: Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is 3 posting days from the date after I receive the required information ($100 donation required)

  • VIP PREMIERE BOOKSHELF: Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is 7 posting days from the date after I receive the required information ($75 donation required)

  • VIP- PREFERRED BOOKSHELF: Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is 14 posting days from the date after I receive the required information ($60 donation required)

  • VIP PRIORITY BOOKSHELF: Turnaround time for reviews of titles on this shelf is within 21- 25 posting days from the date after I receive the required information ($40 donation required)


    • There is only one shelf now. The “Legacy” bookshelf is for “Legacy Authors” (or authors that are sent by a repeat representative, representing a “Legacy Author.” (Once an author has requested their second title to be reviewed, they automatically become a Legacy Author). 

  • STANDARD “NEW AUTHOR” BOOKSHELF: This bookshelf is for authors that have put in their first request, or from representatives that have requested an author’s title for the first time (for that particular author) (A $20 donation can put your title at the second position of the bookshelf)

  • Quick Response or Express Release requests are for release dates of the title. The calendar is located at the Quick Response Page.







Do you participate in blog tours?


I do participate in Blog Tours on The Official Blog of Amy Shannong (​).  (I do not turn over my blog to others, but I will participate in up to 4 blog tours per month, and those tours are listed on both of my sites.) Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will only participate by posting the review for the book that is being promoted on the date that is assigned for the tour on my other blog. 


​Blog tour requests can be sent to me via email.


How do you write your reviews?


  • When I read a book specifically to write a review (author requested), I look for several things when I read it. Writing style, content/plot, plot closure, characters (connection and depth) and backstory. If the book is part of a series, is it necessary to read the entire series? If it is, then I request that I read all of the stories, even if the author is only sending me books in the middle of the series. If I don't read the series, and I should, I write that in my reviews.

  • ​I don't write about formatting (or lack of) since some ARC files are not perfectly formatted, but if it's not formatted and it's a purchase, I inform the author. If it has editing or proofreading errors, I don't point them out in the review, but mention them to the author. If it's riddled with errors, which makes it unreadable, I don't review it, and inform the author, giving them a change to correct it and resubmit for review.

  • ​Some of my reviews are several sentences long, and some are short, but that does not take away from what I feel about the book. I write my thoughts down as I go, or right after I read the book. Many of my reviews are written well before they are posted, depending on how many I can post per week, as release date reviews take priority.


Advice for Indie Authors?


One thing I advise for any author/writer is patience.

  • I don't consider myself an expert on the process of being an Indie author, but I support all Indie Authors. Years ago, being self-published had a reputation for being unprofessional or not really part of the writing community. Now, while there are still some writers who write poorly, and celebrities are getting book deals based on celebrity and not writing ability, there are wonderful and amazing writers who are self-published.

  • ​If you're a writer, you know it. If you doubt it, ask yourself why you doubt it. First write for yourself, and then update it to make it for others. Not everyone will like your work. Just because you wrote something, doesn't mean someone will read it. But just so you know, I will read it. I'll give advice, write a review, and even offer editing or proofreading services or just some advice on how to create a brand for yourself.

  • ​I have two brands. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews and Author Amy Shannon (and author amy Shannon has retired from writing, but is still a reviewer, Editor, podcasts co-host, Literary Consultant, and literary professional promoter.

  • ​If anyone ever has any questions, just email me.


Do you have to purchase a book on a site to post a review?


  • Not all sites that Amy's Bookshelf Reviews post on are sites that sell books. If a book is listed on a site, such as Goodreads or BookBub, I will post my review there. Some sites may list a book but do not have areas for reviews.

  • ​For, a book does NOT have to be purchased from the site to post a review. Amazon refers to non-purchased books as "unverified" reviews but allows these to be posted up to 5 days.  However, they require reviewers to spend at least 50 dollars on their site prior to posting reviews.

  • does not require a purchase to post a review, as it is connected to Amazon. However, buying an audiobook on is NOT listed as a verified purchase on

  • Barnes and Noble and Kobo (US) sites do not require a purchase to post a review. 

  • Smashwords does require a purchase to post a review. If the book is listed as FREE, I will also "purchase" the book and leave a review. If the author wants me to leave a review, they can provide a coupon code for a FREE purchase, and I will leave a review there as well.

  • ​I only purchase books on sites to comply with their policies and if I have enough funds in my "donation" account. Authors that have FREE or discounted promotions on any site, can let me know, so I can plan on purchasing their work. I make purchases in order of the titles unless there is a promotion.

What is Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Privacy Policy?

The privacy policy, ethical policy and content policy is located HERE.


Contact Me

contact me
  • If you have any questions or comments or are unsure about which form to fill out, and want to contact me directly, you may use this form.

  • I will respond to your email within 48 hours of receipt.

  • This form is not for a direct book review request, but if you have a special request or make some other comments or information, please use this form.

  • Do not send URLs or use ALL caps in any of the fields. Thank you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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