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100 Stocks That a Young Warren Buffett Might Buy by James Pattersenn Jr.

4 Stars

Interesting Investment Advice

The title caught my eye when I was asked to review this book. I read any genre, and I really liked the title, and was honored to read it. It is not a simple read, but it's very interesting. I learned a lot about Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, and their investment styles. There was a lot of information, and it probably would benefit those who are looking to invest or change their investment portfolio. Pattersenn certainly has done his homework, and this is a very professional book. There was a lot of information, and it is aimed at those who are familiar with investments, finances and stocks, or gaining wealth. I've read Pattersenn's Pattersenn work before, and each one has a lot of information, and is up to the reader whether or not to take some or all of Pattersenn's advice.

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