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Freedom of the Monsoon by Malika Gandhi

4 Stars

Emotional read

Freedom of the Monsoon is reflective of the Indian culture, and when the author uses Indian phrases, she adds the English translation so that it is easy for any reader to understand. Dev and Pooja are two characters in love but tragedy and sacrifices for their family and their culture, they find themselves apart, pledging to be with each other once again. It is a remarkable story and very poignant. Emotions run very high and it is a very touching story. Anyone who loves a good tragic love-story, and books about Indian culture, will surely love this book! The ending is not something that anyone sees coming. I hope when you read this, you have a box of tissues handy. This is the second one of Gandhi's that I read, and I will continue to read her work. She gave me a new interest and appreciation into Indian culture and its people.


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