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Tower of Tears by Rhoda D'Ettore

5 Stars

Heartwrenching and addicting!

I couldn't put this down. The story of Jane, who immigrated to American in the 1800's from Ireland, bringing her only son, but having to leave behind her husband, because they couldn't afford to go to America together. It demonstrates the horror and sadness of having to leave behind her love, travel on a ship for weeks in disgusting conditions, only to get to America. To live the American dream, when it is not all that she hoped it would be. It's a constant struggle for the characters, which are very likeable and with all the adversity this family faces, extended family included, I truly rooted for each one to overcome it. Jane is a powerful character, and her connection with Katie and Richard is unforgettable. "She left Ireland to find a better life. She found Hell instead." The story is full of surprises and with the sadness and tears, brings shocks and more anticipation for the next surprise. I can't wait to read more in the series!


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