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Confessions of a Caffeine Addict (40 true anonymous short stories) Edited by Marina Kushner Narrated

5 Stars


Interesting Confessions

Let's start out with the narrator, who was the perfect choice for this audiobook. Yes, I sat through over 6 hours of this great book compiled of 40 different stories. (The benefit of having a Kindle Fire HD). This isn't the first audiobook that I've had the pleasure of hearing, but it brought out something that would've been different than if I read it myself. The humor and confessions of people who truly have a coffee addiction was interestingly bizarre. I, an avid coffee drinker, never thought of the deep, tall 18 oz cups of coffee as an addiction. My favorite story is "stay away from caffeine" (chapter 15), but I thought all stories were great. Loved it! if you can get the audiobook, do it.


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