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Oliver and Jumpy, stories 7-9 by Werner Stejskal

5 Stars Great and playful children's stories

Story 7, winterland, story 8, Baby Oliver, story 9, egging. Each story was a masterpiece of children's stories. The writing and greatness of the stories will enchant children, especially those who follow Oliver and Jumpy. In Winterland, Oliver is the gentleman cat who does not like the cold, but he dresses warm enough to play with his friends in the vast winter wonderland of building a snowman. In Baby Oliver, Oliver shares the story of his "kittenhood" and the great love he had for his mum. Egging time is the spring when all the animals have their babies, however, in this country, the animals add their eggs to the town square, and everyone takes an anonymous egg home. Each story is pleasant, creative and truly fun.


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