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Nothing is Ever Forever by Ted Tayler

5 Stars Intensively captivating!

This is the third book in the series about "The Phoenix" and I my opinion, it was the best one yet. This book follows "The Olympus Project" and "Gold, Silver and Bombs". The story is well written, and the characters interact so well together, it makes you wonder which "wrong" will be righted by the Olympus agents. Despicable humans are being punished for their heinous crimes, and sometimes, that includes one of their own. My favorite is Rusty, who is eerily calm at the tasks he performs, and it makes him very interesting. The book was a great page-turner and I would recommend the entire series. I have read each one, and it is probably best to read the stories in order to gain the best insight into the characters. Great book to start the new year with, look forward to Tayler's fourth book in the series.


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