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Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton

5 Stars A unique story!

It starts off simply. Faith and Lacy Dawn are studying for a spelling test. Things progress from there. It's not a YA intended audience, but it's a very good read. It's well written, and this is the second edition. I liked this story because it was unique and different. The background of the author lends to the experience in the story, and I love when an author puts himself deeply into his work. The story delves deep into child abuse, puberty, and poverty. It is so well written, and adequately dark, but also not so depressing. It is the ability to turn the dark into the light and uplifting. Lacy Dawn is a character I won't soon forget. "Recess was the most productive part of the school day because of Lacy Dawn's magic way of helping others." And Lacy Dawn is certainly magical.

NOTE: Original posted Review Date 10/1/2016

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