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Hannah's Moon by John Heldt

4 Stars

Traveling through time to find a child

This fifth installment of the American Journey states that it's the finale book of

the series, but one could only hope that it's not. I've read all the books in this series (as well as Heldt's other series the Northwest Passage Series) and his main theme is time travel, but it's not all about that. I'm a big fan of Heldt's work, and this is just another book that I found hard to put down. Heldt's characters always have a depth to them, a great back story, and a history that could also mend their past, present and future. The reader never knows where the story will end or in what era, and that's the great part of the story. It's an emotional rollercoaster as Clare, Ron and David are moving back to 1945.


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