My Dad Got Hurt What Can I Do? by Dr. Jerid Fisher / National Academy of Neuropsychology Foundation

5 Stars

Emotional and informative read

It's written for children to help understand what happens when a parent comes

back from deployment, after being injured. The dad in the story suffers from a Brain Injury, and through the story and pictures, it shows the before and after of the family. Dad can't do things he used to do, and he is different from before. Though it's written with the dad being the injured war hero, it could just as easily be "mom" or any guardian for children. Dr. Fisher sets a stage for the family to come to an understanding of their new family dynamic. It's a great story and I think that anyone and everyone should read this book, as in someway, our returning military heroes effect the entire country, and that it's not just about the military, but their family as well.

Note(From the National Academy of Neuropsychology Foundation) : "This book targets children between the ages of 8-12 who, without any preparation and at a very young age, have been confronted by their mother or father coming home from their military service with a brain injury. Because brain damage is so often invisible, these children are confronted with an especially difficult reality. Although their parent is home from combat and may look like he or she did before deployment, mom or dad does not act or behave the same way they did prior to deployment.

For every $15 donation NAN will gift a book to a warrior family. The second project is the production of a short educational film for the children of our wounded warriors. This film will help children understand changes in their mom or dad after a brain injury."


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