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The Journey to Authorship: A Pocket Guide for Writers by Tracy R. Powell, PhD

5 Stars

Inspiring and Great advice

The author was featured on "The Writer's Edge with McKensie Stewart" and also one of my nominated titles for my offering of Best Indie Book of 2017 on

my author blog. I read this with high hopes and expectations and it did not disappoint. I do my best to help support indie authors, and this book does that as well. It's listed as a pocket guide, and I think it's something that all authors should have on their bookshelf, both virtual and physical. It's well written, providing tips and information that is important to all authors, from writing to marketing. The final words of the book stood out with me, and I quote them here. "Even if you can’t picture the end of your book just yet, you can write the first word." I thoroughly agree with that statement, and that's how I write.


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