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Hidden Lives Anthology by Jerry Pociask

5 Stars


The book intrigued me when the author was nominated for one of my Best Indie Titles of 2017 awards on my author blog, and the author was nice enough

to share the story with me for a review. I know from reading Pociask's other books, that he shows a good story. He's one of the better storytellers that I'm familiar with. Here, he shares different short stories, each one bringing in the piece of him that is his work. Every author puts a piece of themselves in their work, whether they know it or not. There were three stories in this collection, "When the Streetlights Went On", "End of Life" and " Three Days of Darkness" and my favorite of the three, was the last one. The prologue of the story started out with "One can never prepare for what may happen when they are cold, alone and in total darkness." Each story engages the reader, and makes you reread sentences and paragraphs over, loving it from beginning to end. (I read the last story twice). Highly recommended.


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