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Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Vol II by Trece Angulo, Nathan Batchelor, Michael D. Burnside, Tara C

5 Stars

Wonderfully and amazingly intense

This is the second volume of an anthology that brings life and death in a new light. I read the first volume and was more than excited to read a new collection. First, I must say that I enjoyed each story that was within this collection, and all of the authors should be commended for their work. I can imagine the thought that it took to put these stories together in one collection.

Life and death is not just black and white, but all the in-betweens, and as the title eludes, both are beautiful, but also full of lies and truths. I usually can pick one or two of my favorites of the story, but I enjoyed each one immensely. I've even reread all of the stories to make sure I didn't miss something. Bonds are broken and bonds are reunited on the sides of life and death.

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