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9/11: A Survivor's Story by Artie Van Why

5 Stars

A "reboot" of his previous story

I was asked to read the "reboot" or remake of Van Why's previous story "That Day in September." Of course, I was honored to read what he added to the story. The story was still powerful and amazing, and when I read this reboot it was very close to the 17th anniversary of 9/11. Van Why shares his story, and not just that day, but his life. I am extremely touched by his words and am not giving this a 5 star because of the day but because of the words of Van Why. He survived, as a worker in building 5. I felt this one brought some new light and essential information. He adds to the story, as well as including a magnificent section on living with and dealing with PTSD, something that a lot of survivors of that day have to deal with. That day may have taken a lot of lives but it didn't take away the spirit of the survivors, nor the memories of those lost.

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