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A.J. Scudiere- Fortune (Red & Gray)

Genre: Suspense

4 Stars

Very Entertaining!

What entertaining and wonderful stories in Fortune (Red & Gray) by A.J. Scudiere. When you get this, you wonder which one to start with, but start with red and then followed by Gray. Fortune is a missing girl, who starts out having the time of her life, and then, of course, mystery, suspense, and secrets. Mia is frantic and those who are supposed to help, are hindering. Both stories are grand, and Fortune Flores is one of those unforgettable characters, in both stories. Secrets, lies, and mystery, the makings of a great story, which both of these definitely are. I see why the author put them together in one package! I am a definite fan of this author! Whatever this author writes, I want to read. This author is a great storyteller. The author's technique of raw, magnetic characters and great plotlines is a gift. It's a great story to follow and try to figure out what will happen next. This author's characters develop and interacts well with the other characters. Fortune (Red & Gray) are definite recommendations by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews and I read these books and give my honest and unbiased review.


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