A Thousand Mothers by Brenda Marie Webb

5 Stars


Webb pens an intensely remarkable story in A Thousand Mothers. I was immediately drawn into this story the minute I read the Introduction, backed up by the Prologue. I've read this book in one sitting, but sometimes, I just had to put it down, before I could continue on. The story brings to life the horrors and strengths of survivors and victims in WWII Germany. This story was both powerful, raw, horrifying, and magnificent. The words of the author flow across the page, painting a story for the reader, without hesitation because of the subject matter. The story as a whole both shook me and enticed me. "Nothing could have prepared Perl for what happened next as the rough hands of a female guard grabbed her and shaved off her hair. She was mortified as male and female SS guards pointed and laughed at her and the other degraded women." I look forward to reading more by this author. It's too bad that the highest rating is only 5 stars. This read is definitely recommended by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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