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Abdiel LeRoy- The Covid Protocols

Full Title: Abdiel LeRoy- The Covid Protocols: Upholding Your Rights in Authoritarian Times

5 Stars

Very informative information!

This title The Covid Protocols: Upholding Your Rights in Authoritarian Times by Abdiel LeRoy seems to be a controversial book, especially in times of COVID. However, it is worth the read to get information that you may or may not know. Everyone globally should know what their rights are, where they live, and even if there are international laws that are different tfromyour country's laws. In the United States, we have the Constitution, and I strongly believe in freedom of speech. Yes, there are stipulations, but writing a book is not like yelling "fire" in a movie theater. I love the writings of this author, and I always learn something new, and one thing is the passion behind the words, and even the research when his topics may seem "controversial." His words are his own, and he writes them well. He's one of the best writers I've had the pleasure to read, and he writes different topics, but all are told with passion, and belief. He refers to this book as the "Constitutional Bible," and he may be right. If you disagree with the topic of this book, don't read it. If you're curious, definitely read this book. I was honored to read it. The Covid Protocols: Upholding Your Rights in Authoritarian Times is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. This book is on a list of challenged books.

The author informed me that "Kobo de-platformed my book, The Covid Prophecies" (A book that I read and reviewed), and "In February, I published The Covid Protocols, for which Amazon has repeatedly pulled down my ads, and Written Word Media refused to list it all together. Meanwhile, I am getting censored on social media for upholding human rights!" This is from an author that I've read for over the years, and some of the topics may be controversial, but it's not necessary to challenge or ban an author's books because of the opinions of the author, or what they write.


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