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Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is proud to now offer review promotions

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is proud to now offer review promotions, which is either a promotional banner or video (options vary) of a review that has already been posted.

Details are on the new page "Book Review Promotions" under "Bookshelf Features" or at the link

Now, authors can purchase a promotional banner or video, once the review has been posted. Samples and all details of different options are located on the Book Review Promotions page.

Reviews are very helpful to gain sales and they can also be used as promotions. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews offers unbiased and honest reviews, and also offers advice to new authors. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is a major advocate for Indie Authors. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews does offer early or prerelease reviews to use as a promotion tool for the author, but now, more promotions are offered.

If you're interested or know someone who might be interested, share or forward this post.

Thank you.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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