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Anonymous- Go Ask Alice

5 Stars

It's a powerful read, and it should be read by many

Go Ask Alice is a powerful read, as it is the story of a young girl, and the words of her life that she shares through her diary. I remember when I first read this book, I was probably about 13 or 14. It shares the life of "Alice" and comes from a diary of a young girl, who is introduced to LSD when her drink is spiked. Her life is full of ups and downs, including addiction to not just drugs, but also an eating disorder. She is attracted to people that aren't the best influence on her. From the way she talks about her life, I'm guessing it takes place in the sixties, and the fact that the first edition was printed in 1972. To be honest, it is a story that continues to happen to teens (and older and younger) every day. It's a story that should be told, and it should be read by as many as possible, parents and teens a like. When the diary ends, the reader feels like "Alice" is going in one direction, when in fact, she goes in another direction (according to the epilogue). This book is a popularly banned book, and it should not be banned or censored. It is one of those horrors of teen drug addiction, and how misunderstood teens or those who parents don't seem to listen, are more likely to find that high or low to escape their world, whether its an escape from school or just home life. There are other books in the "Anonymous Diaries" and even though I haven't read those yet, I plan on it. A definite attention grabber, so much I couldn't put it down. This book is on a list of banned books. Go Ask Alice is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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Feb 16, 2022

I've heard, though I can't verify, that this is not an actual diary, but anti-drug propaganda.

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