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Artima's Travels by E A Dustin

4 Stars

A Grand Read

Dustin pens a grand story in Artima's Travels. I haven't read anything from this author before, and I enjoyed it. I felt some of the wording was somewhat formal, but the story was interesting, and easy to follow, even with all the science and technology jargon. Arty (Artima) is a smart and flawed character, which I love to have. She is working on something and has her concerns, where no one else seems to care. This is definitely a mix of science fiction, and yet an intelligence thriller. Arty knows the flaws, and yet she has to make a lot of realizations. The thrills and intrigue is written clearly and the characterizations are engrossing. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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