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Audiobook: Destiny Returns by Douglas Volk

Destiny Returns by Douglas Volk

Narrated by: Steve Rausch

5 Stars

Volk does it again!

Volk pens a magnificently written story in Destiny Returns, the third book in his Morpheus Series, and has turned it into a grand audiobook. I've read the first two, and couldn't wait to dive into this one. I did read the story, and enjoyed it, but I also really enjoyed this audiobook. This is the book nightmares are afraid of, and it's so intriguing and captivating, you can't stop listening. I hung on every word in this story. The unpredictability of Volk's stories make it so you just linger on every scene. Even after reading the story, there still feels like there's an engrossing twist and unpredictability behind every corner. If you love a good psychological thriller, this book should be next on your list. Wonderfully filled with evil, thrills, chills and spine-tingling scenes. The story brings in the believable, even if almost impossible. This book deserves a second read (and listen)! (and maybe more). The characters are chillingly filled with depth and have a lot of different levels. The twists in this story make this reader wonder what could possibly happen next. Destiny Returns on audiobook is a definite listening recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to listening to many more stories by this author.


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