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Break my Bones by Rachael Tamayo

5 Stars

Raw and powerful

This story is absolutely amazing, and yet also terrifying. I enjoyed each word, and could relate with the characters. I found a lot of truth behind Cain's words and actions, and unfortunately, this story could be real. And in some ways, it probably is. I've read Tamayo's work in the past, and I can say that this is not only favorite, but probably (in my opinion) one of her best works she's written. "Brooklyn is mine, like I possess her, and I need to reclaim my property. Mere hours ago, I pretty much agreed with him, my love for her making me crazy." This quote is pretty much the state of mind, and it keeps the character focused on one thing, and though he says its regret, it's more about possession and obsession. I read this book from beginning to end in a sitting, but sometimes, I had to stop, as I could relate a little too much to the story, but I continued reading, and am glad I finished it. I can definitely say that the ending was very unpredictable, and yet, very satisfying. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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