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Brian Whitney and Carl Denaro - THE SON OF SAM AND ME

5 Stars

Incredibly terrifying

Brian Whitney and Carl Denaro write about the son of Sam in THE SON OF SAM AND ME. I have read work from Brian Whitney before, and he writes incredible true crime stories. David Berkowitz was also know as the Son of Sam (he swore his neighbor's dog Sam told him to kill on behalf of the devil). The Son of Sam is one of those famous or infamous serial killer crimes. The killer did eight shootings, killing six of the eight victims. There was a manhunt, and Berkowitz confessed, and told them why. There are also laws that were based on this serial killer. This book was written very well. It was detailed and terrifying, especially because Carl Denaro, was one of the victims who survived. When Berkowitz was charged with the assault on Denaro, he denied it. Now, Denaro believes him after his own investigation. This is a very intriguing book, and some of the conclusions make you wonder if Berkowitz didn't act alone, or someone used his MO. THE SON OF SAM AND ME is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading many more titles by this author.

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